How did this happen??

  1. Around a month ago, I ordered a pair of the stud logo CC earrings & I have been wearing them fairly often since them, however, never at night or in the shower. Just when I go out. Today when I was taking them off a small piece fell of the back, & when I took a closer look to inspect what was going on, I noticed that 2 crystals had also falled off on of the the studs, & another 1 on the other. :crybaby: How can this happen?? I called Chanel & they said they could exchange them, but I don't want to have to do this every month...$200 for earrings that will break every few weeks is not ok with me...& they are Chanel!! Has anyone else had this problem?? Should I just complain for a refund??
  2. Yes, I have heard that this does happen. I have the same earrings, just purchased about 2 weeks ago. I'm keeping a close eye on them.
  3. I've had mine for over a year wear them maybe once a week and they are in perfect condition. Hopefully this wont happen to the next pair. Good thing they are sending you a new pair.
  4. Wow...that is not something I would expect from Chanel....
  5. Mine arrived with a stud missing, so I had to have them send them away to re-glue the little thing. 9-12 weeks to glue the thing back on. Seems like forever, but I'm willing to give them a shot and hope they don't break again.
  6. That's what they said to be when I called the boutique, but then I called Chanel directly, & they said they would have the closest boutique just exchange them for a brand new pair. You might wanna try that if you didn't want to wait that long.
  7. do you know if they sell the earrings without the diamantes in too and just plain gold/silver coated. I was hoping to purchase some plain ones as there are far to many fake CC earrings out around my city at the moment and i dont want to just gell in if you understand. plus i wouldnt really suit the diamantes
  8. I Have The Same Pair....& I've Worn Then Just A Couple Times. They Have Been Fine. But, I Have Had A Couple Friends Who Have Both Had The Same Problem. One Exchanged For The Same Pair & Never Had Another Problem...The Other Exchanged For Something Else.

    Yhassan ~ Are You Going To Get The Same Pair? They Are So Pretty. It Probably Was Just This One Pair & Will Be Fine With The Next! :smile:
  9. I have a pair of black CC logo earrings and the crystals (cubic zirconia) haven't fallen off yet, but I don't wear them enough. I paid $240 for them and have only worn them about 3 times. When I first bought them, I took them home to try on and when I took the backing off the stick part broke off. I just called the store and the SA said she would exhange it for me with no problems at all.
  10. The SA was very friendly. but I don't want to exchange them if they are going to continue to break, or if I can't wear them as often as I'd like. It seems like that defeats the purpose of having them. Not to metion, they are not the cheapest earrings considering they are not real diamonds or anything. But it has been a month since I ordered them so I dont even think I can even ask for my money back anymore.
  11. I totally understand. Did you ask for store credit?
  12. Unfortunately Chanel's jewelry (with the exception of their watches) isn't of the same quality as their handbags. Some of their jewelry doesn't hold up that well. My neice had some earrings and same thing happened...stones falling out. I think she took them back and got credit and bought shoes instead. But, I have heard of this happening with their earrings. I would take them back.
  13. That's too bad. I haven't had any problems with my studs, but I'm going to keep a look out for them.
  14. :yucky:
  15. Sorry, to hear that. I have the crystal stud cc earrings and necklace for over a year :yes: (I do wear them all the time) and so far I
    haven't lost any crystals yet (knock on wood) It's nice to hear that Chanel would exchange them:smile: