How did they get hold of these so soon??

  1. WOW they must be some SUPER VIP :P :P
    IMAGE_00098.jpg IMAGE_00099.jpg
  2. What are the pics of? :smile:
  3. ?? what is it??
  4. :confused1:
  5. don't even get me started....... :roflmfao:
  6. I'm glad another Vuitton Victim go it :yes:
  7. LOL...I saw that bags in Rite- Aid. I almost took some pics..
  8. :rochard: :drinks:
  9. omg seriously though, I was just watching the fashion show online, and then read about the nov 1 price increase, my love for LV had dropped to the sea...

    Fortunately I found my dear Vanilla speedy and Indigo bedford, now I'm feeling better
  10. Lol
  11. LOL!
    I'm sure 60% of people in China have it already! :nuts:
  12. at this Church close to my work they give away food and there are all these people lined up with bags like that. I was getting into my car after work one day and the lady in front of me was putting one into her trunk. I tried to take a picture but she closed the trunk too fast. LoL
  13. of the lines I don't understand.

  14. Yep, when I was in Taiwan they had the bag selling under $2 dollar at the outdoor food market. I don't understand either and how much LV is going to charge for one of that bag? :confused1::shrugs:
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