How did the Purse Forum get its start?

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  1. I know that Megs started it in or around August of 2005 and that Vlad came on a month or so later. Did it start out as a blog on purses and then grow from that? Anyone who was around at its inception...please tell about it at that time and how it evolved.

    I've put this question a kazillion different ways in 'Search' and came up with nothing. I just love what a complete community it has turned out to be and wonder about its early days and how it was then. So...........

    "tPF - The Early Period" ??? :confused1:
  2. ^ Great question, I've often wondered the same thing... and I have questions about hardware/software specs and the time it takes to maintain this website... and sponsorship and all that! But I'll wait for the right time before I ask my questions - let's talk about the history first! :yes:
  3. Okay, Let me put this another way: What are your first memories of the Purse Forum? If you were around in 2005, what about it did you like and how was it that you became "attached" to the way we all are now.

    I didn't know about it until August of 2006, and it was already a well-oiled machine by then. If you had/have a question on anything imaginable, this is the place to come and find out the answer. Also, the nicest people call this place 'home' and I'm constantly amazed at just how nice, considering the no. of people and that the people are from all around the world.

    At the beginning, were there this many categories, or what? Was it just on purses at its inception?

    IOW, throw out anything you remember, or that struck you, about the first month or so on here.
  4. Lol I wish I knew more about it also! I'll have been here for exactly a year in March!
  5. Please feel free to join in the discussion here.

    History of The Purse Forum
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