How did that happen?

  1. I went to Coach the yesterday to look at some scarves and get some moisturizer for my ergo...

    And the SA asked me for my name and zip.. So i gave it to her, and to my surprise, my name was already in the system!!! I have no idea how that happened. I never bought anything from Coach and I dont recall registering to entering my name on the website... So I'm confused!!! lol! And I have only been living in the zip code I gave her for about a month... so i'm REALLY confused???

    How can they have my information already????

    (dont get me wrong, i know its for PCE and all that, but i never received anything before???)
  2. wow yeah i dont know how that happened! maybe there is a database or something with a bunch of stores joined together, so if you have given your name to one of them in the past month, it's in there? jk... i really have no idea :sad: maybe an SA will know & tell us so that this mystery can be solved!!! :smile:
  3. If you signed up for a catalogue then they would have your info
  4. I dont think i even requested a catalog... I remember thinking about it.. but i dont think i did it...unless i'm losing my mind!!! :upsidedown:
  5. Well if you are , you're not the only one! :upsidedown: