How did it get to the point

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  1. Where we have come to accept prices of handbags in the thousands with barely a wimper?
  2. It's the inflation I tell ya or we are just plain spoil... lol
  3. I don't quite know either, but I do know that it is ridiculous. I still remember being sat down at the age of 13 with my first ever Coach bag and being told how expensive and grand a purchase it was. It was Around $120. Now that seems simple. I don't know what has happend, but my eyes get drawn to every expensive bag. It is a problem I have!!
  4. yeah i know what you mean, i thought i was so cool with my first coach wristlet, and now i feel like im robbing the bank with my new found taste! its funny, everyone here are complete strangers to me, but just being on this site has made me feel slightly in tune iwth my feminine side a side id idnt know i had, nor does anyone in my life think i have lol.
  5. To be honest I like things with high price tags :lol: Sometimes I am attracted to something by that alone *hangs head in shame* lol.
  6. I read an article recently (I will try to find it) that the prices for handbags have gone up a certain percentage this year and the main reason is because the fashion houses CAN!!! It is crazy, we will pay whatever the price is for the latest 'it' bag!
    The designers send over their latest bags to the celebs (free) they carry the bags, they hire paparazzi to photo them carrying the bags, sell to celeb mags and we all have to have it!

    So back to the old, if you love it, then carry it. If not, its not worth the huge price tag.
  7. It really is terrible--there are many handbags that I lust after, but I just can't afford (really, I could afford them, my husband would just freak out!!)
  8. I think good taste needs money to support. Whenever I went shopping, I would always picked up somehting that's the most expensive on the shelf. (I did not do this knowingly). My bf always said that if you throw me in any store, I can pick the most expensive things blind folded.

    You can always think of this as our effort to imporve the economy.
  9. You are so right. A lot of these bags become the "it" bags because celebs are given them for free, for publicity. Then we go ga ga over them and rob our bank account in pursuit of handbag bliss.

    (I'm guilty) :huh:

    My first crime was salivating over the multicolor speedy that I saw Jessica Simpson carry a few years ago in Newlyweds. I ran out and bought it.

    Ever since then I always look to see what she's carrying for "new ideas"
  10. You make a good point - I am the biggest offender when it comes to buying an "it" bag - and I always have to have it now! and then I am quick to tire of it and need another - Outside of this expensive addiction, I seem to do fine in the world.
  11. It's strange how a few years ago, I would have totally balked at the idea of buying a handbag that costs as much, if not more, than my rent :weird:. Maybe it's naive, but I like to think that I am paying for better craftsmanship and materials, and not just a label of sorts. At the end of the day, it should matter how much one pays for a handbag as long as you love it!
  12. I agree with Noriko w/ this one! hehe
  13. I am willing to pay someone for a name and quality BUT how much is a "name" really worth? I'd love a Prada or an Hermes but i would pay for the goods the bag are made from and soem for the name but mu guess is that all of that would cost about $500-1000 for a basic leather bag! Of course a lizard, snake, aligator bag would be more, but I think we hae let the designers get too heady. Even with designer gowns, etc. We are paying for the name, it still is only a dress! Perhaps with today's economy they will have to become more realistic with their prices. If they were a little more "humble" perhaps the fakes would go out of business!
  14. lol i do this too! i will be looking around in a store and i will be attracted to the most expensive thing on the shelf or rack. when my mom looks at the tag she just kind of stares at me haha. i think it is just that we all get used to the prices after a while and it doesnt bug us so much. a few months ago i thought a juicy couture bag was really expensive now i am saving for a louis without a problem haha.
  15. ^^^ I have this 'gift' too.
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