How did I miss this?! Soooo cute

  1. I am IN LOVE with the LV Denim Flat pouch. I am thinking of returning my new Coach Metallic Accordian wallet and getting this to use for a wallet. It looks like it even has a zipper pouch for change!!! I am in LOVE!!! Does anyone have this yet?:heart: :heart:
  2. Could you post a picture, please? TIA!:flowers:
  3. I like the little koala button most ! :yes:

    denim plate.jpg
  4. very cute, how much does it hold??? anyone have pics of what it looks like when the clasp is open?
  5. I think is like the pochette plate, but I think it is so big to be used as a wallet, I`d like to have it to use as a clutch,`I have the perfo plate and is so useful, and this one in denim seems to be more roomy.
  6. how much does it cost?
  7. It's cute!!! But will it hold up as well as other materials?:idea:
  8. I agree its :heart::heart:. I think it would be great as an accessory to carry my small items in :smile:
    I want it!
  9. Thanks to those who posted pics:smile:

    Good point, LV Addict. Do you know how the denim holds up?

    I am trying to decide between this and the Rose Antigua Plate GM...what do u guys think??
  10. hi, this bag is $420 on elux and $450 cdn. just went to go look at it last thursday and it is very cute! perfect size for a clutch and the yellow interior is sharp looking.
  11. monkey--do u think it would be cute for a wallet?

    Also, does anyone know if this is a permanent item or not??
  12. i think it could definitely be used as a wallet too. and the zippered pocket in the back could be used for change. that way you can get lots of use out of it as a clutch, pouch inside a larger bag or as a wallet. i believe it is a permanent piece. i asked if it was coming out in the green or pink but the SA didn't know. i say go for it!
  13. Thanks!! You have been super helpful:smile:

    I just wish that is wasn't so expensive! :sad:
  14. you're welcome! please post pics after you get it! hehehe...

    yes, it is $$$ but i think it's an okay price considering all the uses you could get out of it. but it is very casual so if you are looking for a clutch for formal occasions you might need to use something else. but it is super cute!!