how did i miss this in the new catalouge!

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  1. i liked the leather on the mia wristlet but not all that..stuff and then i was thumbing through the catalouge and saw the two SUEDE and LEATHER wristlets that are TDF, like the flint or the bordeux suede, it looks delicious, i dont know which one i want! and the leather, they have it in white and tabacco, but the white i would ruin and the tabacco has white contrasting stitching that i dont like. and its for 48 dollars instead of 128 for the mia. what do you think about it?
  2. You just made me reach for my catalogue and flip through it to see which one you're talking about! I can't find it! Which page?
  3. pg 23 RICH, pg 33 EMBELLISHED, pg 39 CASUAL, pg 42 FAVORITES
  4. its also available to look at on the site.
  5. Thanks for the page numbers! I actually was at the Mag Mile Coach store not too long ago. From my experience, Coach suede gets dirty really easily; I have a signature wave tote that now looks worn because of the dirt it picked up. I did like the pebbled leather though! Since you're not that in love with the contrast stitching though, maybe wait for the next season?
  6. do you think they'll loose the stitching next season?