How did I miss that?

  1. When I decided to try out LV I did a search . I came upon E Lux and this BB. When I search on E lux umder Women . They had my Sac a dos Boshere listed under women. Today I look for a bag for my hubby and I see it listed under men on the LV site. I saw the other backpacks but I wanted this one because I liked the outside pockets.
    Now I am rethinking my decision and may go for a different bag, Do you think the Sac a dos boshere is too masculine for a woman?
    I still like the bag but I had no idea it was designed for men.
    Your opinions are appreciated.
  2. Don't worry about it. Numerous LV bags have a unisex design, hence that's why you'll see the bag in the Men's section. The Bosphore will not look "too masculine" on a woman. I like quite a number of the men's bags - the styles are quite nice! :smile:
  3. Not at all!!! Both sexes can rock it well. ;)
  4. I don't think you should worry at all - many of the bags work for both men & women. Enjoy your choice, it's a very nice bag!
  5. I think it is more for women than men,I tried one on in the store and it just looked silly on me. It's around the same size as the Montsouris GM.
  6. Thanks to everyone. I decided to keep it. You guys rock!:jammin: