how did i miss a sale???

Mar 27, 2008
Was the sabrina medium hobo the one that looks just like the large, or the one that has the .... "side things" on the botton corners? If it was the regular one that looks like the large then I am UPSET!!!!!!! I wanted that bag!!!!!!!!!

I told soon to be hubby he should get me the white with silver trim Joy Boston as a wedding pressie, but he said he had other plans... haha! (I tried the "oh look wedding colors!" bit...)

Miss you ladies I've been banning myself from Gucci until the sale! I can't wait for it though! Only a month and a half to go!!!!!! EEeeeeeeeeee!

Sorry to say that was the sabrina hobo "we" want so bad:heart:. Yes it was the hobo that looks just like the large one just in a smaller size and a zip-top closure. :crybaby:I know I fell the same way.


Oct 3, 2008
you didn't miss out on much. My SA told me that in November the GUCCI Boutique at Nordstrom, Downtown Seattle will be having a sale!!! She's going to send me pictures via email a couple of days before the sale starts, so I can see whats's being marked down. I'm sure she wouldn't mind sending you a email too. Call and ask for Myana. She's really nice.206.628.1256:party::party::party: