how did i miss a sale???


Feb 15, 2008
I dont think you missed out on much...the only thing I know of that got sold out is the joy boston bag in beige and white. They have the smaller version of both of these bags on the site right now; still on sale.


May 24, 2008
Was the sabrina medium hobo the one that looks just like the large, or the one that has the .... "side things" on the botton corners? If it was the regular one that looks like the large then I am UPSET!!!!!!! I wanted that bag!!!!!!!!!

I told soon to be hubby he should get me the white with silver trim Joy Boston as a wedding pressie, but he said he had other plans... haha! (I tried the "oh look wedding colors!" bit...)

Miss you ladies I've been banning myself from Gucci until the sale! I can't wait for it though! Only a month and a half to go!!!!!! EEeeeeeeeeee!