How Did I Live Without This!?: Ms. Lil Teal Shoe Bag!

  1. I just received a little sister to my gorgeous smooshy 05 Teal Work from, and OMG, I fell instantly in love!!!

    She's almost brand-new, still has the original glaze all over her, and the color is the best part. It's so deep and saturated...and quite frankly, the most gorgeous blue I've ever seen IMO! It definitely has the same turquoise hue as the 05 Turq, but a lot more subdued and vintagey. I love it!!!!!!

    The size is the absolute perfection for someone like me, who rotates a bag everyday. I used to put all the stuff I carry in my bag into a small Bal dust bag when I get home, so that I can put my bag away in its dust bag. Now, all I have to do is put my Shoe Bag into a bag I'm carrying for the day, and go! It's the easiest solution to changing bags everyday:yes: Also, it's so nice to just grab it to go when I run errands, instead of putting everything again in my City.

    She's HUGE, and fits a ton of stuff inside. I took a lot of pics to show you how big it is:heart:

    Without further introduction, here's Ms. Shoe Bag!!!!!!!:yahoo:




    Would you please look at this leather!?:drool:
  2. YAY! So gorgeous, congrats!!!!!
  3. Oooh, so nice. Delicious leather! I'd like to see this modeled, please :smile:
  4. More pics...


    With stuff inside: a wallet, eye-glasses, an organizer, a plastic bag(in case it starts raining all of a sudden and I need to protect my bag!:p), a pen, and an IPod. Everything else goes into my MU.

    It even fits my 80G IPod in the front pocket!

    Teal sisters:heart:

    In inside of my Work
  5. pretty!
  6. WOW I didnt realize how big the shoe bag was!

    So practical!
  7. Blue_Hour_Girl: Thanks!!!:heart:

    bal newbie: Sorry, no modeling pics!!!(I have a really small mirror and can't take modeling pics myself), besides, I won't be carrying it around by itself most of the'll be carried inside my Work. But it's huge, it's about the size of the City, laid flat.
    There's a thread mimiz started a while ago with her Teal Shoe Bag. Do a search on " Shoe Bag" and it should come up:yes:
  8. yslalice, fashion-cult, Thank you!!!!!!

    I know!!! Now that I've used it during the weekend already, I don't know how I ever lived without it:rolleyes:
  9. That Teal Work is too much, it's just too much!
  10. Wow! That's a pretty big bag! Congrats!!
  11. :graucho: The leather on my Work is some of the best I've ever felt:heart:
    Are you gonna hut this down or the Dolma??....or both!?:graucho:

    Alaska: THANK you!!!:girlsigh:
  12. i love the idea of using the shoe bag as a bag organizer! pretty :biggrin:

    is that a lilac coin purse that i spy inside your teal shoe bag? ;)
  13. pluiee: Thanks:heart: Now my bag is super organized!!!:p

    The CP is an 04 Eggplant:tender:

  14. TOTALLY agree 'K' tooshies :yes: I couldn't explain it better :tup: !! YEAH we're teal-Shoebag-twins:yahoo: CONGRATS to this very comfortable, cute and GORGEOUS beauty :flowers::love:
  15. You have a real cutie there :love::nuts: Congrats on your new baby