"How did I get here?"

  1. A quote from David Burn of the Talking Heads.

    What first got you excited about Hermes?

    (Where you raised with a mom that loved it/appreciated it? Did you read about it? Did a friend introduce you? Happen upon the store?? See the Grace Kelly picture (that was my first introduction). ???)
  2. Actually my husband started buying me the scarves after we got married. His grandmother actually has one that was a custom made run for the Shah of Iran (and his entourage). I became interested in the Kelly after seeing the infamous Grace Kelly photo.
  3. I wanted to learn more of my mothers mistery bag and then learned it was a Hermes Birkin which I first thought was a Kelly,.. :rolleyes: then after learning a little I was doomed!
  4. When I was around 15 years old I read Mode magazine (no longer in publication here) and they described the Kelly in all it's glory. I cut the pic out and kepy it in my wallet. I still have the picture to this day!
    My Dad bought me my first Hermes scarf for my 16th birthday. That was 17 years ago.
  5. Read about it as a young girl reading Vogue, but what kicked in my fascination with Hermes was a Vogue interview with Tatiana Von Furstenburg (daughter of Diane) many, many, years ago and she was described as being dressed quite boho-chic with a "beat-up electric blue Kelly." Somehow that imagery just stuck...and the electric blue Hermes bag became my holy grail! My first H-purchase was an H-scarf for my mother at 19.
  6. By the way, Lux...I LOVE Talking Heads!! Now I have that song going around in my head........where's my iTunes...?
  7. I just recently decided to start collecting classic accessories that would last forever...I examined brands at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms, I looked at Chanels, Guccis, Chloes, Fendis, Diors...not my style, too trendy, I'm just not a trendy-trendy person. I thought about LV...then I found the forum, and had no idea what Hermes was really about, until I started reading the threads here. Went to Hermes to look around, and fell in love; the colors were so beautiful, the store smelled so lovely, and the styles of the bags were so simple and perfect. Studied more, discovered the uniqueness, the classic style, and the fact that they were hand made. Realized that no one I knew had Hermes, and no one I knew, knew what it was. Bought an agenda and a twilly...an LV bag 15 minutes after. Returned the LV in less then 30 minutes, absolutely disgusted with it, and myself for even considering it. I'm Hermes addict forever now!!! :biggrin:
  8. Believe it or not, it was an old boyfriend (also a rider) who first introduced me to Hermes (not that he gave me anything Hermes, nooooooooo - oh wait, yes he did, he gave me the Amazone perfume for Xmas). We were vacationing in Normandy and he took me to my first Hermes boutique in Deauville (I think). Wow, they had great stuff there and the boutique was kind of quaint. We looked at all the horse tack of course. He also took me to the Tyson's Corner one in VA. I remember buying my first scarf on a plane to DC, ditched the guy and never looked back....
  9. It actually started in eBay and through Louis Vuitton of all things. I was browsing through Louis Vuitton listing and came across the listing for a Cherry Blossom Amarene line. The seller who listed the listing wrote that the CB Amarene line was the "hottest thing since the Hermes Birkin", so I went and looked up Hermes Birkins listing on eBay. I was shocked at the price and then figured there MUST be a reason for the price. So I started researching it more and well, the rest is history.
  10. I must have read somewhere about Hermes because when we started going to Europe every fall I knew that Hermes was renowned for making the best leather goods. We went to FSH on each visit to Paris and would buy mainly horse tack, gifts and other accessories. We even had custom saddle pads made. LOL. In all that time I only bought one bag - silly me. Now I intend to make up for lost time. :yes: :yes:
  11. Hey, 2much lux, I LOVE David Byrne, but I cannot remember how I got here.

    Now that I'm older I've "stopped making sense."
  12. Golconda, as long as you don't burn down the house you'll be just fine! ;)
  13. I have always believed in good quality....................and we all know who makes the best quality leather goods.:yes:
  14. Seeing pictures of CBK and then Gwyneth in The Perfect Murder got me curious about the brand.
  15. My best friend turned me on to the scarves years and years ago. Then after bumping into Catherine Deneuve a couple of times - always effortlessly chic, carrying her kelly - I started noticing the bags. Then I found you ladies on tpf, and it was all down the slippery Hermes slope from there... And what a long, strange (and spendy!) trip it's been!