How Did Hermes Change You?

  1. Just wondering if any of you changed your lifestyle or outlook on things because of your interest in Hermes? If so, what did you find yourself do differently after becoming Hermes fan? I guess I'll start:

    In my case, I actually found that Hermes trains me to be patient and save money. I'm not very good with suspense, waiting, and uncertainty. When it comes to getting your dream bag from Hermes, that's precisely what I'd have to deal with. So in the past couple of years, I have gone through some "rigorous" training in that department.:lol:

    I also found that my love for Hermes has made me a better saver. I no longer waste my money on meaningless or frivolous things. I used to buy things here and there when I didn't really care for them. I also used to do a lot more impulse buys on anything in general. When I become interested in Hermes, I have to readjust my budget and spending habits partly because of how much Hermes costs, but it's also mainly because I realize it's better for me to save up for something GOOD rather than the first thing that comes along.

    Last but not least, my love for Hermes has also served as a motivating factor for me to work harder and learn more. Doing so will definitely open more doors for me in my career, and naturally I will be able to make more money and buy more Hermes that way! I know the priority seemed backward, but somehow loving Hermes has become a great incentive for me to become even more ambitious and an even harder worker.

    So anyway, these are the aspect of lifestyle and behavior that I've changed because I've become addicted to Hermes.
  2. Hm...I can't say it has changed me at all now, because I am currently in the process you went through :smile: Do you have any advice?
  3. I don't think I'll be the best advice giver considering I hadn't been very successful with my quest. Others have told me to learn to relax and "let it go" and that the bag will find me when least expected it:yes:
  4. I feel the same way. I would rather have a small collection of Hermes items than a multitude of items from other designers. The quality of Hermes cannot be beat. I am now more selective about everything I buy, choosing quality over quantity everytime.
  5. I used to buy all kinds of little stuff that I did not need. Now I am a much better saver because I only spend money on living expenses, bills and saving for Hermes. Not buying little things here and there really adds up. I agree that I'd rather have a few really nice things than a whole lot of other stuff. :flowers:
  6. Hm..I need to start budgeting :biggrin: Just started working.
    I've already pretty much decided what type of Hermes bag I want :biggrin:
  7. My life revolves around Hermes...
  8. Well.....before Hermes I had a life..... I'm just obsessed.:nuts: :upsidedown: :upsidedown: :nuts:
  9. Hmm...I think getting a Birkin makes me want to do well at my job. I feel like I should at least making an income that matches my expenditures so I hope to get a large bonus this year.

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Same as the PP's......I used to spend $$ on lots of designer stuff that I really do not need - until Kellybag made me see the errors of my ways!!!! Now I'm a very proud Kellybag owner - it's worth the hardship of saving, let me tell you!!!!!!
  11. She's real purty Kristie....I know she's worth it. I hope you get to take her out tomorrow!!!!!
  12. It didn't change me, but it changed my husband. He's a designer so he appreciates art and he says there is nothing that beats Hermes. Even he like to buy tie's and some other stuff when he accompanies me to the store! He looks at handbags more differently now. He's even told me every woman has their own style and classiness when they wwar a bag, it can make you look snooty, it can make you look claasy, stylish and glam, but it can also make you look trashy!!! He looks at Bags differently now and made us happier because now I feel comfortable buying expensive bags and not have to worry about the puss he would have in his face. I've even cought him smelling my bags!!!!!!
  13. It didn't change me but I think it set the focus on good quality items instead of the usual crap I bought before then.
  14. didn't change me. i've always chose quality over quantity. and i'm about as picky as they come...:angel:
  15. Welll, it spoiled me against any other handbag!!