How did Coach swoon you ?


Jul 12, 2006
Good question! I was recently addicted when I went on vacation with DH who was on a business trip about 2 years ago. I was bored and went to an outlet mall in Florida (Orlando, I believe). I saw a Leather Swing Pack purse for around $89 and fell in love with how soft it was. Well, I carried that bag for a year and still love it but added 6 other Coaches to my collection (not counting accessories).

I never thought in a million years I'd spent $89 on a purse (I thought Fossil purses were expensive then :roflmfao:) but now I don't even bat an eye when I go to Vegas and shop in the Forum shops and buy one for $300+. They are worth every penny!!

Oh, and I got a Coach watch for Christmas along with a new Coach purse. :yahoo:


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Jul 24, 2006
I got hooked earlier this year with the Poppy Line. Thing is, I couldn't bring myself to buy such an exspensive bag (LOL, when I think of that now. LOL) and then it had white leather. I didn't do white leather. It reminded me of my Grandma and her huge white purses only used in the spring/summer.

Well, I wanted to do something special for myself when I lost my first 25 pounds. And I walked into Coach and bought the little hobo and coin purse you see in my collection link below. I figured, that little bit of poppy would hold me over....I came home and was really excited with my white Coach shopping bag and my Mom said to me: "You spent how much on a purse?"

And then I got my first PCE coupon, which coincided with me losing 50 pounds....I got the wallet (also in that picture)....

I have since become a Coach wh*re! LOL. I also got my Mom hooked on Coach too. During another PCE in the summer I dragged her to the store like three times so she could help me choose which bag I should get (Soho leather hobo)...she saw a Hamptons Black Tote...of course she decided she wanted it AFTER I already used my PCE coupon. They were out of stock at the time (it was around graduation time) and that was when we met our favorite SA who had it shipped for us...

I have since rethought my views on white leather, and I got an amazing deal on a Poppy Signature Demi.

And then, although not Coach, when I made my Weight Watchers goal, and became a Lifetime member, I was going to buy myself an LV Speedy, well, my Mom surprised me and got that for me! So I bought myself an iPod instead. She's hooked on LV too. And she doesn't comment on how much I spend on bags anymore. LOL.

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Nov 7, 2006
im not sure.. my mom has shopped at coach since i was little, i always remembered being really bored in the store and wanted to die because of the leather smell.. hahaha. anywho my older sis got into it and got her first bag when she was around 12 i think... and at the time i started getting interested was the summer before 8th grade and i got my first bag, it was funny cause my sis said she couldn't imagine me with a coach bag, but i have been an addict ever since!!!!!!


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Nov 11, 2005
like a bat mitsvah, in my families religion when a girl gets that oh so special time of the month, they get the crap embarrassed out of them by having everyone over to praise god that she isn't desolate, and therefore not embarrassing. my cousin recieved a coach watch that day, and I became enamored by it, and then a couple years later, a family friend got me a coach leather skinny. after that the sister of that family friend took me shopping for a signature hobo, and I bought a coach black and white hamptons wristlet. I babied that sucker to the point of never using it. I started to this year, and then sold both a couple of months ago. it took me several more years to get interested in handbags and coach. the scribbles hobo did it, but i ended up never getting it, for when i was able to get to the store, they shipped it back to hq that week. i ended up getting a burberry after finding this site. Yes ladies during that time span i refused to carry bags, stuffed everything in my pockets or left it in my car. and now today i got my first balanciaga. oh how times have changed.


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Sep 5, 2006
Just about 15 years ago, 4 months before I was turing sweet 16, my mom siad to me "We have 2 options here. You can ahve a huge party and get no gifts from your father and I. Or you can have a small family dinner and get some really good gifts." I opted for the gifts and got a new (to me) used car, a .25 carat diamond ring (my birth stone) and a coach purse and matching wallet. I used that bag nearly every day but treated it VERY carefully. I still have that bag. I don't know what style it is but it is calf skin. I'll have to dig it out and post pics..anyway, that started a life long obsession. IN college I couldn't really afford to buy my own coaches but was given a lovely white one as a late HS graduation gift. Then I think in my senior year in college I discovered the outlets.

When I was first married I took a coach break but about 2 or 3 years ago I was back. I have always been a coach addict in some way, I remember when the key fobs first came out, there was a lovely 'C' one and I had to have it. It recently broke but I used it until it died.



Mar 19, 2006
I discovered designer bags just over a year ago. I've been on a journey ever since which has landed me here. During the Macy's F&F event in November I ordered my first Coach bag, a signature shoulder tote in khaki/chestnut. I was hooked! I have 3 bags now plus several accessories and even though I need to slow down I can't seem to! LOL! :tender:
Feb 28, 2006
I heard about Coach from my cousin eating family brunch at the Old Country Buffet LOL!! She's a "gangsta" so when I heard she wanted to get a coach I thought it was something ghetto LOL! Sorry I didn't know any better. Well a few months later I did a search on the internet to see exactly what Coach was. I fell in love w/ the ladybug hobo, that's my first designer bag. I have been in love ever since. I have about 7 or 8 Coach bags & lots of accessories. Just got my first LV for xmas from bf.


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Oct 16, 2006
5 years ago I did not carry a purse. My back pocket was my wallet. It's been so long I can't recall. All I know is I fell in love with the signature demi khaki bag. My mom thought I was crazy wanting a bag that was $128 (old price) She finally gave in and got it for my bday. I told her it was too small and she ended up getting me the soho clip $248 twice the price and a matching wallet for $149. My mom is the best. Ever since I've been hooked. 5 years ago, people didn't know what Coach was, they thought I was crazy for paying that much on bags.


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Nov 29, 2006
I fell in love with this bag/color in the early spring of 05. (I want to say Jan or Feb of 05)
Of course, when I went to buy it, they no longer had this color (Grass) in the stores. So the sales girl found one for me and had it shipped.

Ever since's been all down hill...the addiction was born...

And this bag, by far, gets me the most compliments.



Sep 17, 2006
I started to like high end bags only within the past year, but ESPECIALLY this past summer.

But anyway, what got me the most was the larger totes with the HUGE C's. I have one I don't know how to describe, and the other one is the large reversible stripe tote. They are both the same shape, and I love that shape along with the huge C's. I'll definitely be getting more when I am able to.

Actually, I just posted pics in another thread, so here is what caught my attention! (the one lined in white started it)

Very small collection for now, though it only started in September.