How Did Alias End?!

  1. I haven't watched Alias the whole time... But can someone give a brief synopsis of how it all ended? I saw bits and pieces of the finale, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me....

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
  2. ****SPOILERS****

    Syd and Vaughn live in "retirement" together on some secluded beach house with two kids. Dixon is some higher up in the CIA, with cornrows. Marshall and his wife have four kids. Rachel is still a CIA agent. Sark (spared his life by Vaughn) is still up to no good. Irina Derevko falls through a skylight and dies trying to reach for The Horizon (a Rambaldi device) instead of taking Syd's hand to safety. Sloane attains immortality through The Horizon, but is trapped in an underground tomb in Mongolia pinned under a Rambaldi statue. Jack gets shot fatally by Sloane, but he manages to blow up some explosives inside the tomb to trap Sloane forever.

    Things were wrapped up nicely, but there are some gaping holes. I guess the point of Irina and Sloane's mission was to attain immortality, but it doesn't explain other Rambaldi stuff like the floating ball that made everyone into zombies last season or why Syd was the "chosen one" in the prophesy, etc. I'm sad that they killed off Jack but at least he went out like a badass.
  3. I swear the whole Alias time schedule has screwed me up...I thought the finale was on tonight. It seems like they change days and times so much I can never remember when it's on. Guess I need to rent the DVDs when they come out.

    Will miss the show.
  4. It was a pretty satisfying end...very sad that it won't be on TV anymore.
  5. Yeah, towards the end, they really screwed around with the schedule which made it hard to keep an audience. They should have kept Alias on a block with Lost the entire time. It's really stupid to air a SERIES FINALE of a show that has been airing on Wednesdays on a Monday night.
  6. Am a in and out Alias watcher .....I need to get the dvd's to catch up
  7. I was watching this last night but got caught up surfing PF! :P

    I Tivo'd it and need to watch again. I was wondering about that too - what the heck was the red ball about, making people like zombies? And WHY was Sydney the chosen one?!!! I was so confused last season when all that was happening....and they never answered those questions! It was sad that Jack had to die but it was so bittersweet.
  8. i was wondering the same thing. i'm all messed up now too, i have to collect the whole series now. i have season 1. i was watching the last season religiously until it went off air because she gave birth. i didn't even realize it was back on let alone when the series finale was...
  9. In honor of my Ronnie (or shall I say Arvin)....I shall miss you! :lol:
    :love: :love: :love:
  10. For those of you who missed it, you can watch the whole season on