How did a bidder on my auction retract their bid withourt me knowing???

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  1. I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay a few days ago and i specifically remember one particular item with a bid on it. So when i checked the status of all my items tonight, i see that item has zero bids now when there was a bid there yesterday! I think the bidder had under 10 feedback so they were new but how can they retract a bid without even contacting me first? Is it possible they closed their account so that cancelled out the bid? I've been buying and selling on ebay for years and never seen this happen. Its a small item listed at $2 but i'm still curious as to what happened to this bid. I checked the history and it shows nothing & now i forget the name of the bidder. Thanks!
  2. I always get an e-mail from ebay whenever someone retract their bid on my item. It's possible that ebay kicked them out and canceled all the bids that they placed.
  3. They don't have to contact you first. They can just retract and get a strike for retracting. If your ebay contact settings are on for this type of thing, ebay will tell you afterward. There is nothing you can do about it though.
  4. Yes they can retract without you knowing, it IS a reportable offense though. Say if the reason that they chose was "entered wrong amount" then E-bay will inform them that after retracting the bid then they must IMMEDIATELY re-enter the correct bid amount...
    You should be able to view who retracted their bid on your item and the reason stated via clicking on the item listing and then the "bid history" on that page...
    If you see that they just had second thoughts then report them here:
  5. Thanks everyone! When i checked the bidding history on my item, it showed 0. I'm going to check my email and ebay mail to see if they sent anything. I was just surprised to see the bid gone!
  6. they would usually send you an email. if they didn't it would be strange