How desirable is Vuitton Murakami Cherry Blossom Retro Sac

  1. I just used my retro once ever since I bought it and its been sitting on my wardrobe feeling sad cos I always choose my Chloe Paddy or B bag.

    I never considered selling it cos even looking at it makes me happy since the smiling cherry blossom face is so cute! :girlsigh:

    However now, since I've gone mad with my B Bag purchases I decided I should really consider letting her go.
    Just curiosity, how desirable is this bag now?

    TIA :smile:
    My beloved Lvs.JPG p1.JPG
  2. I think it would be quite desirable because Cherry Blossoms are hard to find. Your bag looks really adorable. I love how pink it is! I would die for the Papillon, myself! (Ever since Charlotte on SATC was carrying it!)
  3. I think people still would want this bag..especially if it's been taken care of. I wanted the papillon version so badly when it first came out, but I was a novice LV waitlister so I never got my hands on one.
  4. Hee hee Diva we were drooling over the same bag in our respective posts!
  5. I basically loved every Cherry Blossom that came out during that time :nuts: hence I had 3 pochettes, 1 in red, 2 in pink (just because I want more CB on the bag =D ), then the retro in both pink and red...
    I have sold all the pochettes and the red retro when the commotion was still on and decided to keep the pink retro...but now I really consider selling it..but since the bag is practically new, I am a bit wary that I wont even get a decent or at least close to what I paid for it if I auction it on eBay :sweatdrop:
  6. I think it's desirable because it's rare and there aren't many out there for sale. I think you could get more than retail for it.
  7. It's beautiful, Take it out for a day.
    Give her a test drive.
  8. I love those pochettes. If you have to let one go PLEASE dont sell the red/cream one. It is so rarer than the other two.
  9. wow! your CBs were kept so well! hardly any patina at all!! there will b lots of people fighting over them!
  10. Don't sell it...they look perfect!!!
  11. retro.... Drools!

  12. yes!! :yahoo:
  13. I'd love to own the retro, so it is very desirable to me!
  14. If I Were You I Would Keep It. I Want One So Bad. If You Sell It On eBay You Will Get Alot For It Cause It Is So New. But You Should Keep It.
  15. Hot bags. Without a doubt. Curious though, what was the original retail price that you paid for your Retro?