How Deos Seafoam Differ From Emerald?

  1. hiya. i have been taking peeks at seafoam and emerald, and in different pics they each look different. a bit like trying to compare BI, turquoise, teal, and acquamarine in pics. difficult. for those who have seen these colours - seafoam and emerald - in real life, could you enlighten me as to how these two differ from each other. i know they are, just can't tell how. i may be hunting for one of them sometime end of this year, after i paid off my other 5 bags.... :sweatdrop: thanks!
  2. thanks az!
  3. bagpunk... also look at the one titled "Balenciaga color swatches, by season" on ateliernaff, that really, REALLY helped when I was plotting my color choices at first... :smile:

    I forgot about the 03 Emerald, so whenever I replied in the other post I was talking about the Spring 2006 Emerald.
  4. thanks B4B! I am indeed thinking about the darker emerald, which is blue-ish green i think..? emerald seem darker and green-er in some pics, which i don't really like, and in others, more blue-ish - which i like - and looked a bit like darker pics of seafoam - which i like. seafoam pictured really pale in some, and i don't like that look.