How dark is too Dark?

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  1. How dark do you let your vachetta patina before you let the bag go? I will let mine get pretty dark, but I do not like it if there are black areas. Also even patina is important to me. I am just wondering because I won a sologne last week on ebay. I couldn't pass it up for 107. However it looks dark so I was wondering what everyone's standards are.
  2. Pictures help so if you have any that would be great. My speedy is dark, but I am ok with it...
  3. If the patina starts to get darker than an amber color, I get the vachetta replaced. I just took my pochette accessories to get the strap and the trim on the bag replaced, and its only going to cost like $100. If I were you, I would get the vachetta on the bag you won replaced. It will look just like new!
  4. I lvoe how your patina looks. IMO darker vach makes the bag look better. More elegant and classy.

  5. will they do that even if you have not bought the bag from that boutique? Since I am getting mine of the bay I have no idea where it was purchased.
  6. I don't like it darker than your speedy, which looks great, btw.
  7. i love it dark :yes:
  8. Here is my darkest vachetta. My pre loved speedy 30

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    i don't like dark patina AT ALL. i like patina pale the way it is on a brand new bag. i try so hard to keep my vachetta as light as possible.

    this is the patina on my 9mth old nf.. this might be getting close to my limit.

    this shade on my speedy is how light i prefer it.
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    how much does it cost to get vachetta replaced on a speedy 25? :smile:

    im just wondering because i have 3 bags right now
    my nf mm has dark vachetta (about the same as fashion_mom1's, perhaps a bit lighter) - i love it! its so chic and i dont have to baby it
    my tivoli has a light baby peach vachetta - my mom is using it rigth now so i hope it develops a nice light tan in a couple of months...
    and my azur speedy 25 has a vachetta that is... very even and its tan but its still light, you know? but i really want to get it replaced soon because its getting a bit dirty (i dont know why - my other bags arent dirty, i think its just because this one is STRICTLY hand held...) edit: its exactly like lovebeibei's NF.... i actually don't mind that shade, but i dont like it with azur AT ALL. with azur i like something very light...
  11. ^^I agree the more you handle it the darker it will get. I don't mind my speedy because the patina is fairly even--actually looks darker in pic. However the solgne that I have coming looks like it may have some black to it. I might want to get the vachetta replaced so if anyone knows how to do this that would be great.
  12. I like very light, very pale vachetta. Even a medium tone is too dark for me.
  13. the patina on your speedy is gorgeous Lindsey!! i actually perfer a dark patina
  14. I don't like it when it looks so dark like almost black then to me it looks dirty but dark brown patina I think looks nice the darker it gets the better it looks with the bag I think :smile:
  15. ^ita!!