How dark is Morgano (cinnamon)?

  1. Shout out to anyone who has seen Morgano IRL. How dark is it? Is it as dark as Cafe? Is it so dark that it is closer to black than a chocolate brown? TIA!!!
  2. haven't seen it IRL, but there is a great pic in it in this thread:
    Fall 07 colors are here!... Well some of them are here
  3. sorry, don't know how to post other threads :confused1:
  4. I'm curious about this as well. Some photos of cinnamon look very similar to cafe whereas others look lighter and redder.
  5. I'm very intrigued by the color as well!!

    I am thinking of ordering a bag in Cinnamon next week, depending on how a few things go... so if no one else has one by then I'll post pics. I am hoping it is a deep brown, but not as dark as Cafe... From the pics, I am hoping it is the brown I've been looking for!! (I was never really totally wowed by Truffle or Cafe, so I am hoping Cinnamon can step in & fit the bill!)
  6. Aw, just order it now? I am gonna get one too - and I'm hoping too that is a yummy brown! But if you get yours now, then we'll all know for sure!!! I loved cafe, but it seemed sooo dark - let's cross our fingers!!!!:yes:
  7. LOL... don't tempt me!! Seriously!! :p

    I can't do it this weekend, with people in from out of town... However, if I don't go TOO crazy at the tPF shopping day on Saturday, then I'll probably call BalNY Tuesday or Wednesday to order one... I assuming BalNY has them?? Since the pics were from Aloha Rag??

    If BalNY doesn't have them... I'll probably just get it from AR. I was looking at Tabac, but I've decided after seeing it on a bag that its not for me - and I think Cinnamon has stole my heart!!
  8. I just held the cinnamon city with SGH at balny approx 1 hour ago.

    From memory, its a very dark brown with a maroon hue. Its actually v. pretty with the SGH, it really brings out the colour more than without it.
  9. Thanks for the info Karen!! Hopefully they will have some left next week!
  10. Kim at Balny says it has a hint of red in it. I love it and cant wait to get the Day.
  11. I hope that someone gets one and posts pictures in different lighting. I agree with the sentiments of a few of you above - cafe was too dark for me - I am hoping for a deep, rich, dark brown that is not too dark. Maybe I will just go ahead and order one too so that I can stop wondering "what if" and stop studying the few pictures that have been posted . . . hmmm . . . might need to fax aloharag right now . . .

  12. :tup: :tup: Go for it!!

    I am ready to see this color!! I need a nice brown! (And I agree, that I liked Cafe, but it was just a smidge too dark for me.)
  13. I just saw several cinnamon bags at Barneys Chestnut Hill (some with silver GH and some with regular hardware). They still had a cafe bag and the colors did not look at all alike to me. Cinnamon is much lighter and redder and aptly named. Go to your spice cabinet and get out your cinnamon -- the color is deeper and browner but the actual color of cinnamon will give you a good idea of the tone. I may be in the minority but I actually think I prefer cafe, although cinnamon is very pretty.
  14. [​IMG]
    Hope tooshies doesn't mind - her cafe is the most luscious color brown I have ever seen (tooshies - you know how much I love your bag!), and cinnamon is looking pretty close! If it looks like her cafe - then I'm in heaven!!!:love::love::love: