How cute is this!?!?!?!?

  1. lol. that is cute. i love ear muffs!
  2. they're beautiful. haha, i love animals.
  3. Oh very cute!
  4. OH Wow that is so cute.
  5. Now that's luxury......cute!
  6. I like the black ones better. These looked a little off. :s
  7. Aww.. these are adorable, and they look oh so soft !
  8. haha, cute
  9. they are, but so expensive for ear muffs!
  10. Cute but would never have use for them living in Los Angeles
  11. Cute!!
  12. they look so warm and fluffy.
  13. omg so cute but 2k for earmuffs? i couldn't do it!
  14. Disgusting ... I own chinchillas as pets. I'll never buy a fur product. Just my two cents.