How cute is this??!

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  1. Wooohoo! I stopped by Coach today and they have their new brass hardware charms, and guess what!

    The L and the V match the LV canvas!:nuts:

    I'm posting this in the Coach forum too so the girls can see.

    I had to get them for my Speedy. I wonder if they did this on purpose :graucho: The reverse sides are pink and black, respectively (and the pink matches my new Hermes scarf :yahoo:!). But the brown is perfect against the damier canvas on my speedy and I know it'll look fab against the monogram!

    Here are pics with my new Hermés perfume too. Thought I'd share with you LV ladies so you can pick them up since they match the canvas now! I so love that the hardware FINALLY matches LV bags. :yahoo:



  2. How cute!
  3. Omg that's so cool :nuts: I love it!
  4. SO cute!!!
  5. Wow, matchy-matchy! I love it, how cute!
  6. The brass charms are very cute. Looks great!
  7. Very cute!
  8. That's toooo cuuute!...Although, altogether they look a little too "busy" for me.
  9. looks great!
  10. Very busy, but super cute!
  11. That is cute!!! I agree with Lyn though... both the bandeau and the charms on there look too busy.
  12. ^^Yeah I agree, I'll either carry it with the twilly or with the charms but not both :smile: I just stuck 'em on there for pics, I already had the twilly on it today :yes:
  13. Very cute!
  14. Here it is with just the charms :yes:

  15. Very rich looking Speedy you got there! :tup: