how cute is this :)

  1. How adorable! I wish MJ Collection had something like this...
  2. that IS really cute. i think i may need that. ;D
  3. ooh.. this is cute! has anyone see it IRL? is the little pouch big enough to hold coins or something?
  4. how cute. I want one.
  5. So adorable!! I wonder what you can fit in it, meter change? I sure could have used some yesterday, LOL!
  6. It is cute! I feel like I need one! :p
  7. cute, but too big for a key ring.
  8. I love it!:supacool::supacool::supacool:
  9. awwww it's cute!!!
  10. I wondering if the pouch could hold a keyless car remote. If anyone has this, please do share! If so, I would love to purchase one!