How cute is this tote for traveling?

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  1. Just got this baby today.its reversible and NYLON....PERFECT for my COsta Rica trip as a carryon!!
    I adore it!:yahoo::nuts:
    I cant beleive I never liked this collection before beacuse this bag is too cute to pass on if u need a travel bag!

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  2. ops..sorry for upside down pic...LMAO..everyone stand on your head..heehee
  3. That is a great travel bag! Might come in handy for my upcoming round-the-world travel plans! What season/collection is this from? Do you know how much it is?
  4. Oooo congrats! It's perfect for travel!
  5. This is from the COCO COCOON collection
  6. Perfect!!!!! Now you can buy another Chanel and put it in that for the way home:cool: Is it HUGE?!
  7. It would make a great carry on, Jill!


    I didn't appreciate Coco Cocoon when it first came out but have been thinking about getting one these days. And yours is one of the few styles I'm considering. The video promos shown in Chanel site (featuring Daul Kim, not Lily Allen) made me realize how cute & practical they can be, especially for travel. Congrats~!

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  8. ^thanks for fixing is asleep on me so i couldnt..!!

    i never liked this collection before but i have to say i cant stop looking at this bag..the red is SOOOOOOO pretty!its SO great for my island trips!
    PS-its not too big at all...its pretty much a perfect tote size
  9. Great travel bag!!!!
  10. I love my cocoon!!!!!!!!! I use it all the time! I never understood why people were so :blah:

    It is such a great tote and you will get a lot of use out of it! Congrats!!!
  11. It's so adorable! It looks perfect as a carry on!
  12. Looks nice! Congratulations~
  13. Nice Buy! What is the material on the Coco Cocoon? It looks 'snaggable'? I haven't seen one in person yet.
  14. ^nylon!
  15. Adorable tote...........and perfect for traveling........I love the color, and in Nylon....:love: