how cute is this? panda skillet

  1. [​IMG]
  2. OMG!

    So cute... i love pandas and i just showed DH the pic and he rolled his eyes

    I'm on the Fredflare website as i type this

  3. I have that skillet! It, along with the Animal House gadgets I got from KitchenKapers have been great conversation pieces with guests. I love having cutesy little things like that to brighten up the kitchen
  4. too cute! my sister would adore that
  5. Aww. They should've put panda ears on the lid! It's cute. Too bad I don't cook.
  6. That is cute! I have pink cookware and thought that was creative. My pink stuff is boring compared to that!
  7. ^ LOL I'm so tempted to buy it, but I know my SO won't appreciate it either!
  8. Awww!! That is SO CUTE!!! I want one! Too bad I'd just collect dust with it. I don't want the panda to be dirty or scratched... haha

    Oh I checked out that site LemonCupcake and found this adorable kettle:

    It's so cute! Or I think it is.. ^^;;

    Btw that fredflare site has way too many cute house items!
    Cloud hangers!

    Pinocchio toilet brush

    Cake roll washcloth

    And more!

    Now I can't stop looking =[
  9. i love it
  10. Way too many adorable kitchen items on that site. Thank you for sharing, that will be a place to get some cute birthday gifts for a friend of mine who LOVES to cook!

    That do it yourself ice sculpture set would be fun for a party!
  11. Awww, that's really cute! I love pandas.
  12. i wonder how good (quality-wise) the actual skillet is? it's friggin adorable. if the skillet is good quality i'm sold! for those of you who have it please let us know!
  13. How cute!!!