How cute is this!!! New Keyfob......

  1. So many posts today b/c yet again, I am in bed SICK!! ick :sad: :throwup:

    buttttt I found this on the Macy's website. It's so cute.... and totally on its way to me lol


    what the heck!!!

    I put it in my shopping bag and came here to post the picture and went back and IT'S NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE!!!! dude, that is NOT ok :tdown:
  2. I saw this today and love it so much. To bad I already got a heart picture frame charm:sad:
  3. That is totally cute! What?!?!? That sucks! They need to send it to you!!!!
  4. OMG I LOVE IT! TOO cute! It'll be perfect for Valentine's day too!
  5. Oh my gosh! that is TDF!!
  6. I saw that on the site today also!!

    I also LOVE the gold flip flop with rhinestones on the strap part of the sandle :drool:
  7. the flip flop one is really cute, and it's totally me considering thats all I ever wear!!! (a great perk of living in florida!!)

    i'm so mad about the heart one, I was halfway thru checking out and it popped up "this item is not available, please remove it from your shopping cart to continue."

  8. OMG that bee is TOO cute! He looks kind of pissed, though.
  9. that little turnlock kills me! hopefully they'll restock soon :sad:
  10. That bee is so cute!!
  11. tooo cute. Why is this not on the coach website?
  12. I saw both of those on Nordstroms and Dillards today, so maybe you could get one from there?
  13. OMG!!!!! I am a TOTAL heart freak and that is ADORABLE!!!! I MUST have it...can we order it thru JAX????
  14. I saw that on the Macys site earlier today and totally fell in love!!! Sorry you couldn't get it :sad:
    Hope you get well soon!