How cute is this elux arrival!!

  1. Maybe u have seen tis before, but I think its so way cute!!!!!!! Of course I don´t think for what I could use it 4. if it would have a wrist strap as the wapity, I wouldnt hesitate and buy it!

    Ohhhh I hadn´t seen the poto ok... maybe I could take away the chain and attach my wapity´s strap to it... this thing could get away my perfo cles desire... well not the desire the money to aford it haha!

    what do u think about it? more useful that the pochette cancun, it is, IMO.
  2. It's cute but smaller than wapity I think. Personally it's too pricey for something so tiny. I don't have wapity yet, instead of tulum I would go for white MC wapity.
  3. I bought it to attach to my Tulum Gm..for my cell...and guess cell doesnt fit in it!!LOL!
  4. Ha Jill, that´s funny, (OMG I love ur dog!) well it funny because I know you will find a use 4 it. so is that so small?
  5. I too think it is pricey for its size. It's cute though.
  6. it is a cute little piece, but I think it's just meant to be hung from a bag as eye candy.
  7. Wow!! That is pricey. But it is cute.
  8. Its pretty small..I have a tiny motorola flip phone and the antenna blocks it from closing.....But I have to say how impressed I was by how well it was made..really pretty.
  9. That is tiny. what could you use it for?
  10. It look's pretty cute.
  11. I think that's the cutest thing.
  12. it is so cute!
  13. Ya, it's very cute! I actually was at the LV store today and asked to see it. It is very small. I had always liked seeing it just wanted to see it in person. Cute, but don't know what I'd put inside.
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