How cute is this charm...?

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  1. [​IMG]

    LV has had some super cute charms lately... this one is 680 sterling, and I asked the boyfriend if he wanted to get it for me and of course this proposal was rejected :p Hey, at least I tried, right? :lol:

    The colourful crystal monogram charms are super cute too...but this one plus the key and the pochette charm have to be my fav out of all!! This heart charm would be adorable on a necklace!!!

    Coeur Charm.jpg Pochette Charm.jpg
  2. those are so cute!!
  3. They are way cute.
  4. yep, adorable!
  5. I really like the first one!! :smile:
  6. OMG I want the pochette!! is it 680 too ... out of my price range haah
  7. They are cute. Just don't know if I want to spend that kind of money on LV fine jewelry.
  8. Adorable. :love:
  9. those are cute!!!
  10. I think the pochette is...415 sterling??? That is like what...$1000 US?? (not sure of the conversion) A good self-gift for a major accomplishment though... I think ONE DAY I will get a plain white gold chain (from like mall jewelry stores or something) and buy a nice LV charm to put on it :heart:
  11. So cute.... 680 is so outta my price range tho ouchie
  12. cute
  13. super cute. I want them.
  14. Really pretty - are those on elux somewhere?
  15. I always loved the pochette charm but could never get myself to pay $900 for something so tiny. :push: