how cute is this bag?

  1. I'm loving this bag from, but does anyone know the dimensions of the bag? It looks so small....

    <A href="">[​IMG][​IMG] .h1style {margin:0 0 4px 0;padding:0;font-size:14px;}Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag

    fendi-handbag-8BL078-RPU-F0GG8 [​IMG]Retail Price: $1,190.00[​IMG]JomaPricedRite@:</B> $727.97 [​IMG] You Save: 39% </B>[​IMG] Qty:
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    Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag

    Exquisite Fendi 8BL078 handbag from the Fendi Spy collection designed in soft brown Italian leather, Fendi FF monogram zucca fabric and polished gold hardware. The two handles are in beautiful woven Italian leather. Stunning woven braid running underneath the bag and bordering the zip. The zipper itself is in polished gold, embossed with Fendi and leather with Fendi embedded into the leather both on the zip pull and thumb grip. Interior lined with beige fabric, with one side pouch. Complete with Fendi dust cover, product card and care card. Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag. Made in Italy.

    Each Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag is brand new, first quality, with all original parts and 100% authentic. A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is included with every Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag for secure, risk-free online shopping. does not charge sales tax for the Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag, unless shipped within New York State. is rated 5 stars on the Yahoo! network, to ensure a superior shopping experience for the Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag

  2. TOO Cute, the bag is small about 13in across, let me see if I can find the measurements.
  3. Dimensions: 14 1/2"W X 7"H X 7 1/2"D
    Shoulder-belt / handle: 5 1/2"
  4. So I probably wouldn't be able to put this on my shoulder?? Where did you find those dimensions? This would be my first Fendi and I want to be satisfied. I love the look of the spys, but don't want to pay over $800...Any suggestions?
  5. its a handheld handbag .. verry cute and spacious .. tried it IRL
  6. It doesn't go over the shoulder, unfortunately. It does hold quite a lot, though. There are modeling pics int he baby spy thread.
  7. I've never heard of, are they definitely authentic?
  8. Most readers on this board have confirmed that they do sell authentic bags.
  9. ^do you work for them or something? if i can ask so?:confused1:
  10. THAT is a hot bag... sorry. lurking in fendi ^__^
  11. Do you think there was something wrong with what lylesey said? What she said is true. If you do a search a lot of PF'ers have bought authentic Fendi from Jomashop.
  12. no, I dont.
  13. Oops meant styledrops
  14. I would prefer this bag with black instead of brown leather...anyone seen one?