How CUTE is my niece?!

  1. This picture makes me melt!! Amazing how she's grown from her tPF debut (pic with "handbag") :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Lilli10weeks003.jpg Lilli!_007.jpg
  2. too cute!!!!!!
  3. she is darling!!! what a little cutiepie!
  4. OMG !!! I'm such a proud cyber aunt, what a beauty. :love:
  5. Oh Redd!!!!!! :love: She is soooo adorable!!!!
  6. Awwww. She is so cute!
  7. She is an absolute angel baby. So darn precious!
  8. Sooo cute!
  9. What a little cutie pie!
  10. Aw, thank you ladies- you're all so sweet... not as sweet as my precious God-daughter, though. ;)
  11. They are so precious. I miss having babies around.
  12. OMG! She is the cutest!!!!!
  13. too cute
  14. adorable! especially with the lil bag linked thru her arms!
  15. OMG isn't she the cutest, that first pic where she is smiling, congrats on being a cool aunty