How cute is Cruz Beckham?!

  1. :love:
  2. Very, he really is a handsome boy. :heart:
  3. her boys are growing up fast! adorable.
  4. he's really cute
  5. I cant believe that woman has had children with hips as small as hers. She is simply gorgeous.
  6. cute kid!
  7. He is definitely soooo....cute. I saw a picture of them in today's papers and thought, wow, she's got such a beautiful little boy!
  8. Wow! I hope I look half as good after popping 3 kids.
  9. All three of the kids are sooo good looking. Not suprising withh the parents eh?

    BTW thats a good example of toning down Vic. She looks down to earth and normal (maybe minus the ridiculous heels) she has on 24/7
  10. so adorable !!!
  11. all her kids are so beautiful :love::love::love:
  12. Hes such an angel! :heart:3 She looks great in this picture too! Cute armband.
  13. very cute!
  14. nice piccie, and the baby does not seem to be photographed too much either.
    You sometimes forget they have three boys :biggrin:
  15. such a pretty boy