How cute are they!!

  1. I had to take a pic!!! They find a new way to cuddle every day!!!
    pics 068.jpg pics 069.jpg
  2. They're darling together! Such cute companions.
  3. They are so cute Sunshine!! That's a big plus in having two dogs...snuggle time!
  4. Awwww!! Ying and Yang..the snuggle bunnies. :smile: How cute!!!

    or should I say snuggle puppies??!? :smile:
  5. aww adorable
  6. awww ur so lucky!! they're beautiful!
  7. I am lucky...I love my little girls so much!!
  8. They're spooning!
  9. ADORABLE!!! I love watching pups cuddle!
  10. they are soo cute! I wish my dogs will sleep together!
  11. aww- my dogs snuggle like that too! They're so adorable!
  12. I love Min Pins!! I am very partial to the black/tan color ;)
  13. Sooooo cute!!!
  14. aww that is cute. Now I want another puppy for the pup I have now.
  15. Aww lil´buddies