How CUTE are these?!

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  1. So precious! I'm sure they come in other colors.
  2. I have tried the coin purse flats in Noce. Not only are they soft and comfy, but ultra chic! Especially when they are peeking out from under your jeans.

    Not sure if they come in black (very likely I suspect). Only concern is the flats are made of lambskin.
  3. adorable!
  4. I neeeeeeeeeed these - argh!
  5. They say to inquire for additional colors, so there you go! They are adorable. The pink woven ballerinas are in my size at BG and I'm trying to forget about them. Can't afford them.
  6. Lol...they are cute.
  7. Can someone who has these flats take a pic with the coin purses peeking out from under jeans/ pants? I imagine that to be too cute! :yes:
  8. super cute :smile:
  9. *does girly squeal*

    They are super cute. So cute I'll probably never wear them, since I'll want to keep them new forever. :smile:
  10. It's very cute!