How cute are these little goodie bags I made for Nicole's birthday party!!

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  1. Nicole (my cousin) will be turning 4 on Tuesday :smile: Since her mom is busy with work and everything, I've been helping out a bit with the decorations. So far I've made the invitations, the goody bags, and I will also be baking the cupcakes for the girls.

    After many hours and nearly going crosseyed, I've finally finished the goody bags. They came out super cute! I hope she likes them :biggrin:

    Aren't they super cute??



    To see a larger version of the picture, just click on it and it'll take you to the full size version :smile:
    Lillifee is VERY popular here among the little-girl crowd and I found a pattern in the Lillifee magazine, copied it, blew it up at a copy shop, glued it on some paper, cut it out, glued some more, cut some more, glued some more, and voila! :smile:
  2. Those are beautiful! How cute!
  3. Thanks ;) I'm feeling very accomplished and proud :biggrin:
  4. Those are too cute!
  5. wow! they really are cute, Good job :flowers:
    when I see things like this it kinda makes me feel bad I don't even like throwing my girls BD parties :shame: too many noisy kids :party: :sad:
  6. haha, don't feel bad!

    This will be her first real birthday party, and I think the only reason my aunt is throwing one is because 3 of the other girls in her kindergarten have had them and she was invited...You know, it's a "keep up with the Jones'" thing. If those moms hadn't gone all out on those other birthdays, I doubt I'd be sitting here making bags and my aunt would be sitting at home sewing little Lillifee skirts for them!
  7. that's so cute!! you're such an awesome aunt!! what's going to be in the goody bags?
  8. You're so good to your cousin, she's lucky! Very cute, hope her birthday party is a lot of fun for her!
  9. I have no idea what'll be in the goody bags! That's her mom's department.

    She wanted to put in candy and chocolate, but I decided to stick my nose in and say it might not be such a great idea because Easter was just here and they may have had enough candy and chocolate...She was kind of mad at me for saying that, but whatever.

    I went to a 1 EUR shop today and bought sticker sheets with each of the girls' names on them, which I thought would be fun for the girls to stick on their lunchboxes or something. I also suggesting putting in little "friendship" bracelets in there. I had an old beading set from when I was a kid and threw together 8 of them real quick. Other than that, no idea!
  10. it's tooo cute! u are a great aunt, i would love to be nicole LOL
  11. Those are cute, you did a good job. Hope the party is fun. :smile:
  12. How sweet and thoughtful of you!! Those are adorable!
  13. Good job Lamiastella! Those are too cute!... I think you're nesting ;) vbmenu_register("postmenu_2427445", true);
  14. and so you should!!! these are cute - i see lillifee all over and I am thinking to get some of it for my SILs daughters -

    are you practicing??? hehe. I am sure they will love these.
  15. Those are so cute!