How Crazy would you go for your HG....

  1. Just wondering how much are you girls willing to pay for your HG? I know some people think paying more than $500 over retail for a bag is unacceptable, yet some think that the value depends on how much you want it and would pay way over retail for it.

    So now I am in a situation, which I am trying to hunt down a purple flap. I had been searching and searching and finally found a way to get my hands on it, however the price is pretty outrageous :nuts: First there is a small caviar for 3k, or a medium caviar for 3.5k :wtf: With that money I can get a XL reissue in metallic purple, and I recall even the plum lambskin jumbo went for about the same price only. I am not sure what to do, I hate to pass the chance and regret but on the other hand I can't convince myself to pay that much knowing the retail even after the price increase is only $2350 :shrugs:

    What do you girls think :sos:
  2. I guess it all depends on how much you want the bag and if you think you are going to use it. Another thing to consider is if the marketvalue of that bag is actually worth that much more then its worth it because if you decide later on that you'd like to sell it, you could get your money back. Purple flaps are hard to come by and would be easy to resell.
  3. That markup is ridiculous though. I would go for maybe a $200 to $300 markup on a bag I really wanted, but the prices you listed over 3k for only a small & med/lrg flap are ridiculous! For me, personally, I would just wait until Chanel re-releases the colors. :yes: You know they will eventually. For me, my only HG bag now is the blue fonce jumbo. I don't even scour eBay looking for it, I am just waiting patiently until they decide to make it again (although I am scared to know what the price for a jumbo will be by that time).
  4. Thank you Luccibag and missisa07, I think it is indeed ridiculous markup. Does anyone by chance know other than 2006 which year has Chanel release purple? :rolleyes:
  5. i wouldnt pay 500 over retail
    i pray that it will get re-released for you :smile:
  6. I also would love to have a purple caviar flap and a blue fonce flap too, but like Missisa07, I will also wait for it to come again :yes:. But this of course is a personal choice.
  7. I would not pay anything above retail+ my local tax, which is about 8.5%
  8. I dont really have a HG bag- I got the one that I wanted and I would just have to remind myself that it IS just a bag. If I really wanted it and knew it was that absolute last chance of me getting it maybe £250/$500
  9. Thank you very much originallyxelle, DD101, me_love_purse and cammy1, you girls are so great! All your comments calmed me down, 1k over retail is really too crazy, I just need to get myself together and wait for the next release :search:
  10. I would wait for it be to released again.
  11. i would wait. i always do and nice things would sometimes appear whenever i choose to wait, so i always stick to my philosophy - "good things come to man who waits." ;)
  12. I've got some rules.
    1. I'm not paying over retail for anything.
    2. I'm willing to drop big money on handbags but ONLY on colors/styles I'm likely to carry a lot (e.g. all of my Chanels are black so far). I've paid a lot for navy (e.g. a MJ Stam bag in Petrol Blue) since I wear jeans a lot, I've paid a lot for a deep plum Miu Miu bag,etc and I've got a bunch of expensive brown bags. As much as I'd love a purple Chanel, I'm unlikely to ever splurge on one even if I can fine one, simply because I probably wouldn't carry it much (which is not to say that I wouldn't spend maybe $500 on a purple bag but for Chanel, that won't ever happen!). I won't pay more than maybe $300 for a bag with a floral or other noisy pattern on it since that's a bag least likely of all to match what I'm wearing and sometimes I'm just too lazy to carry one. I probably couldn't carry it more than a day or two in a row and switching bags is a pain in the butt if I'm not in the mood!

    I also wouldn't pay a large amount of money on a fabric bag that can't be cleaned easily or on a white bag that's easily ruined (I'll never buy a white lambskin bag!)