How Crazy Would This Purchase Make Me?

  1. Hi, I need a little imput, :smile: !

    Of course just a few hours ago, I answered in a thread about the next Hermes purchase that I wasn't expecting to buy anything for awhile, but a trip to Hermes can really change things, :rolleyes: .... I went in to look at a 40cm Birkin in blk chevre Coromandel w/ PH.
    I have been wanting the 40cm size for a little while now, but was honestly unsure of what color I would most like the size. Well, it is beautiful in the blk Coromandel. The only problem is that I ALREADY HAVE a 35cm blk Coromandel Birkin which I SO'ed with a Raisin interior. I have babied the 35cm more than I would have wanted because it feels special to me. I completely adore Blk. leather in Coromandel:heart: , for me it is the ultimate and the two sizes do look different, with the 40cm much more of a tote and the 35cm. still a handbag (I am 5'10").....
    I do feel that I would definitely use both of them (I love a great blk. bag more than anything!!!), if I decided to buy the 40cm and that it would allow me to feel okay about babying the SO, while still having a blk Birkin that I can use freely..... But is it just insane to buy another Birkin in the exact same leather/color combo, only with a size difference??
    I honestly appreciate any imput from you all!!
  2. If you'll use it and you love it--it's not crazy!! It seems like it would be a great size for you too.

    What other goodies did they have? I sent my SA there a large platter of pastries yesterday in honor of her wedding next month.
  3. i think you can use both bags for different reasons. a 40 is great for travelling and 35 for shopping. diff. bags for different occasions, but can it be diff. leather at least?????

    im not much help, huh?
  4. It's pretty hard to get black chevre, period!
  5. Sarah, absolutely not. I have (all black) a Birkin 35, a Kelly 35, a Kelly 32 and a Kelly 28. They are all for different things and bought over the years I have been collecting Hermes. I used to have a Birkin 40, it is indeed a big tote, it is for lugging a lot of stuff around, but I think with your height you can pull it off, and if you promise to use the 35 as a going out to dinner, more handbag type bag I dont think you will reget the purchase. Only caution is if you go straight from work to other events all the time you perhaps wont get home to change bags? Besides if you ever want to sell, black holds its value better than any other colour in the resale market.
  6. are you going to be perfectly happy with it? if so, they by all means break out the wallet.

    or is this easy to buy because it's something you can have NOW, and you like both the leather and color? if you think you would otherwise have chosen something else, then i'd wait. (but it does sound lovely!)

  7. Sarah, you didn't think that I would dissuade you, did you? Definitely go for it!!
  8. Hi Japster!
    Thank you for your imput, it is greatly appreciated!!
    As for Birkins, hey had 2 of these 40cm. blk. Coromandel Birkins, and one 30cm. Rouge Garance in Epsom. No 35cms., that I heard of today...
    ...then there was a 32cm Kelly in what I 'think' is Natural Vache Liegee w/PH; a 31cm. Gold Bolide (togo or clemence, didn't look), Vert Anis Plume elan in chevre, 31cm. Vert Anis Bolide (togo or clemence); Blk. matte Croc JPG clutch w/ GH

    .......... I will try to think of the others......I was in a haze having just come from the gym and contemplating a large purchase, :smile: !
  9. Thank you all for the wonderful opinions!!! THANK YOU =))
    I certainly am tempted because it is Coromandel , which aside from Barenia, is my favorite and the only leather in which I will really buy a Birkin. I am excited to have found a 40cm. but definitely have to process through exactly how loony it might be.
    I still do want pieces in blk.boxcalf one day and definitely matte croc!!

    ***OOOoooo....they have an INCREDIBLE black matte croc JPG clutch w/ GH which is amazing!! I never had loved that style that much, but it looks great in exotics.

  10. Nooo, not you, Sue, :smile: !! But, I would like to see a picture of you modelling it sometime, if I decide to buy it,.....maybe we could just fold you up inside, ;) !! It is great how the variety of sizes offer such a nice range for different people.
    I actually brought my 35cm in to hold up against the 40cm. (had to compare in real life!!) and the difference in size was surprising.
  11. I see lots of reasons here why you should get it
  12. Not looney at all sarah-girl; a 40cm in Black Chevre is rare--I'd go for it! As if I'd say no!!! LOL!
  13. I don't think it's looney either. If I could, I would have a 30 and 35 as well. If it makes you should go for it. You might regret it later.
  14. sarah - I'd do it......chevre is gorgeous, and it sounds like you would get the use out of all the bags, then!
  15. May I ask which Hermes store was it that you saw the Rouge Garance in Epsom ? thanks