how crazy do you get at flaws in your LV?

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  1. what does it take to make you lose your mind when it comes to your LV babies? Does a small imprefection drive you nuts or do you let it go knowing that it might not be the last? Does a dent or a wrinkle stand out like a sore thumb to you, or do you not notice small issues and choose to focus on major ones? Just curious ......
  2. did you get that topic idea from my thread? :smile:
  3. because clearly, you know my answer to your question... i tend to focus on small, tiny things when they are not really noticeable! I wish I am not like that though!
  4. Manufacturing issues would drive me insane, but people need to realize they are BAGS. They will not forever remain in perfect condition and they'll eventually look worn if you use them. No sense in getting upset over a wrinkle -- if that's the worst thing to happen to me I'd be overjoyed!
  5. I do not really notice the flaws. I am actually excited that some of my bags are showing age - it makes them more interesting IMO and reminds me of all the good times I had carrying them.
  6. I recently bought the Suhali Lockit PM. While I was looking at it in the store I noticed that the clochette had wrinkles on it (brand new ones come in plastic bags) one of the blue plastic protective covers was missing from one of the feet. I believe it was a return or display. It was the last one in the store and I thought about it hard before making my decision to go ahead and get it. I know within a few weeks or months the clochette would wrinkle and there was no getting away from it. With my other bags I try my hardest to keep them nice but if something happens..I'm not going to freak. Nothing stays "new" if you use it and I plan on using my bags so flaws are bound to come. Now, If I found a hair in my inclusion bracelet I'd have to return
  7. Yes Ashley77 I did get that idea from you, but not because I was judging you , I have just noticed different members comment on the flaws they have found on their bags. It's totally a personal thing and I thought that maybe I was the one that needed to be more concerned with quality issues and not be so laid back that is all. You are totally within your right to want a perfect bag...I don't blame you.
  8. flaws don't bother me so much since I know eventually my bag/accessories will show some wear. I purchased a white MC Alexandra wallet back in October and my lil pup got to it recently and you can see a little nibbling around the edge. Surprisingly, I wasn't pissed at all- I was just like "things happen."
  9. Just minor scratches, drives me mad!
  10. I noticed a brown stain on the vachetta handle on my Roxbury. And it was lightly tanned when I bought it. I didn't mind though, since the vachetta is going to patina eventually and it'll blend right in.

    As for dents/wrinkles, I wouldn't mind as long as it's barely visible. For something like a um, Speedy, then I'm sure it'll go away with time.

    Major flaws would annoy me, but minor ones, not so much. It just depends on what they are.
  11. If there are flaws that I didn't see before purchase, it might bug me some.
    Flaws or blemishes that occur after I purchased wouldn't bother me too much; I would just consider it "personalization". LOL........
  12. I left my Ursala bag out on my patio a while ago (duh) and then it started to rain an I compleatly forgot my bag was outside.......I had water drop marks all over the vanchetta an I was soooooo mad ....mostly at myself for being so stupid ! But I guess I had to get over it was my own fault!
  13. I do not like bags and shoes looking too new. I put new monos into the sun to get patina.

    I use my beloved bags and I don't want to have a look every second around me: Is there a child with dirty fingers, will it begin to rain and so on.......

    But I did baby my WC speedy a little bit. That stopped today, she lost her virginity.;) I took her grocery shopping. We both feel good.

    Before purchase my bags have to be 100% perfect.
  14. I want it perfect when I buy it new. Otherwise, I try to ignore other flaws.
  15. good point! I want them perfect too when I buy them.....I guess we all have different ideas of what perfect is. I remember my time working retail and boy.....everyone has a different view of perfection! Some go over every stich, and others barely take a look....Everyone has the right to be as picky as they want, after all it's your hard earned money that you're spending !;)