How crazy am I about LV? I am the unluckiest LV person in the world

  1. My story begins the 18th of September when I reserved the red groom bandeau and the groom porte round with 866 vuitton. I also reserve the silver miroir pouchette because I want to think overnight about a big purchase like the silver speedy. I keep a record of when I called, what I put myself on the waitlist, and who I talked to.

    19th of September I call again and after thinking over the night, I reserve a red groom agenda and a miroir speedy. The SA assures me that I am on the list.

    I call again in a week to an SA to see if I am on the waiting list on the groom and for the miroir. SA won't even tell me how long the list is or whatever, etc.

    I call about a week ago to see why people are getting their stuff first and see when I will get my agenda. Turns out I was never put on the list. I suddenly freak out, not about the agenda per se, and ask "OMG AM I NOT ON THE LIST FOR THE MIROIR SPEEDY???????!!!" the one that is about a mile long and I reserved for on the 19th of September??? Apparently I am not.
    So the SA bumped me up on the list to be the first to be considered for a red agenda and replaces me on the list for the miroir speedy and gives me an extra 2 week bump on the list.


    Last night I stalk eluxury and finally get a groom cles to pop up. I buy a cancun and the cles and even print out the order confirmation stuff. The next morning I check and there is no order placed. I called eluxury and I find out that my order got deleted by the computer in some mishap. I still wanted the cancun so they gave me free shipping in condolences.

    So I am starting to get really pissed off with LV in general and call 866 vuitton just to make sure one more time I am on the list for the red agenda and the miroir speedy.

    The third SA who promised to correct my error and give me a 2 week bump NEVER PUT ME ON THE LIST EITHER.


    REMIND ME AGAIN WHY I LIKE VUITTON?!?!?! :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. terrible! i hope you get your items in the end.
  3. Damn that sucks girl....I am so sorry....its happened to me before as well....thats why I am kinda put off LV for now.....have not bought stuff in a while.....
  4. OMYGOSH!!! I am so sorry.
    That kind of thing usually only happens to me, I hope my bad luck didn't transfer to you....Eeek!
    Hopefully if you yell enough they will fix this for you. The LV in SCP still has groom pieces & I saw a red bandeau in the window. Call your store or 866 & tell them to get your stuff from SCP.
  5. There were TONS of groom items in the scottsdale boutique.
  6. That´s the most annoying thing. Hope you get both!
  7. I'm sorry this is happening to you! Maybe you should call 866 Vuitton and ask to speak to a supervisor? I hope you get all of your items!
  8. That is truly annoying! Hope it turns out well in the end.
  9. I would totally kick up a big fuss if I were you.

    They should really pay attention to customers. :rolleyes:
  10. Sorry this all happened to you. I just gave up when eLux told me that they called me for some credit card verification and that was the one time my cellphone didn't ring. They canceled to order. I didn't get an email about it and called to find out that they tried calling once and since I didn't answer they canceled it. They tried to reorder it but they were out of stock. I took it as a sign for me to wait for some other bag to come.

    I hope you'll get everything you were supposed to be on the list for.
  11. Omigod:wtf: ...that just sucks soo bad! I'm sorry to hear about all your bad luck with LV, this has happened to me too, so you have my sympathy. Now, I have a personal LV SA that I deal with exclusively, she personally makes sure I get my items....just an ideal you might want to consider.
  12. wow. maybe its just a sign not to get it???


    I hope u have better luck!
  13. ^ yeah perhaps it's a sign.

    When I try to buy something and somehow I don't manage to get it, I take it as a sign I shouldn't buy it.
  14. i'm sorry that happened to you~ but at least u have free shipping now~
  15. Boo!!