How could you let a bag get this dirty?!?!?!

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    I was browsing on ebay and came across this. It's disgusting!!
    I'm not even sure how it would get this way! :confused1:
    She was asking 130 BIN, there were only 45 minutes left so I think she's out of luck.


    (Borrowed pics from the auction, definately not my auction or anyone I know)
  2. That bag was discussed under the coach shopping thread but I can't recall what the link was called. Everyone thought it was disgusting! eww.
  3. I saw that too, it's either been relisted or it's another just like it. I remember seeing that same pic and the description didn't even mention that the bag was soiled in the auction that I SAW. Maybe the buyer purchased and relisted the minute they recv'd it? Personally if I was desperate for a legacy piece I'd buy it and give it a shot...thank goodness I've been fortunate enough to score plenty of legacy pieces!!!

    That bag is ucky though!!!!
  4. Yuck, that is just gross. I'm all for getting something "used" and giving it a new home, but that is just like buying someone else's filfth.
  5. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Only dirt like that takes SERIOUS effort.
  7. She probably doesn't care about bags the same way we do...
  8. wow...I almost want to email her and ask her "What the heck happened???"
  9. ^^ I did. She never responded :Push:
  10. How sad....
  11. Wow, how unfortunate for the bag.
  12. That same bag was listed not too long had to have been relisted.
  13. If it looks like that on the outside, can you imagine what the inside looks like?:shame:
  14. That is really sad... I have that same bag, recently acquired, also used.... but it looked brand new! It's my favorite bag... shame she couldn't clean it up for the listing at least.
  15. My '06 whiskey shoulder bag was also bought used off Ebay, and while it was moderately soiled, the seller disclosed that, and it was NOTHING like this one. Yuck! On the other hand, mine does look like a different bag now after apple-ing it a couple times!