How Could We Forget "New York" From The Flavor Of Love ..Well.

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Oh dear. Here are the official press photos for "I Love New York," one of VH1's most anticipated upcoming reality shows. It premieres January 8 at 9 PM, make sure not to miss it cuz it's going to be a whole mess of fun. I can't wait to see who New York's new love turns out to be! Can anyone ever replace that stinky Flav in her heart? One thing is for sure, the dude better be faaaaabulaaassss!
  2. This show is sure to be a real trip!
  3. prada i can't see any pictures... i'm anticipating her show, i know it's going to be crazy.
  4. New York is getting her own lol, I bet Deelishus is maybe starting to wish that she could of lost so she could get her own show because come on she can't really love Flava Flav can she?
  5. Sorry Ladies :shame: here they are, I think it's hilarious to see all their backpacks and bags still in the photo.

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  6. LOL mama is in the back. I wonder if the guys have to take her mom out to impress her?
  7. Loved New York. She was crazy but she made that show hot. Her arguments, fights, tears over Flava Flav and lies were just brilliant.

    Will they show this new show in the UK?
  8. lol, funny picture of her and her mom in the back. i saw NY recently on the wendy williams experiment and her new boobs, :yucky: they were huge, it doesn't look right at all.
  9. Who is the guy in the pink hat? Is that her own "big rick"?
  10. Did anyone watch the Flava of Love 2 reunion show? New York was on the stage (her real name is Tiffany, by the way. Not that i have anything against the name Tiffany, but did anyone else kind of figured that was her name?)

    She was sitting all prim and proper on the stage, calling everyone else fake, but as soon as someone even came close to touching her, her street fighter side came out!
  11. I don't know if I want to watch an entire episode of that, but I have this incredibly morbid curiosity to see what it's like.
  12. Heard on the radio today that she's gotten some HUGE implants. I keep telling myself that I'm not going to watch. But I know I will. Guilty pleasure.
  13. Check out the wallpaper! Between this show and The Sopranos coming to A&E, I might make it through this winter-I just cannot imagine what kind of guy would want anything to do with NY-I guess we'll find out!
  14. Me to ! I dont want to watch it but i know i will. So far i have given my self 100 reasons why i dont need to watch this crap, But !!! ???? :confused1:
  15. I agree, watching any man profess his undeniable dying love for this ***** is something i confess i have to see. :s