How Could this be, Isn't there Outlet rules?

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  1. Me and my hubby, where at the outlet last night, which I have been waiting to go to, and due to financal stuff I decided to head straight for the clearance, no falling in love with something I should not be getting, So I saw a few bags that i was loving, and there was a women looking in the same area, so i figured i would just wait till she was done, and walked around a little, when I turned around to she if she was still there, I saw here walking away from the clearance with like 7 or so bags (maybe more) I was stunned, And thought maybe she just can't decide, But low and behold she went to line with them, and what was left was ones i didn't like, she took all the ones I was looking at, So I left to drive back home 1 hour with no bag, I thought that there where rules about buying alot of bags like that, no one even batted an eye, except me, and I was sad
  2. Which outlet did you go to in PA?
  3. 7 of the same style and color?
  4. I'm really sorry that happened. One thing this forum has taught me about Coach outlet shopping, if you see it and think you may want it, pick it up and carry it around until you are sure you don't want it then, you can put it back. You really have to move fast. I have no problem saying excuse me and sticking my arm between people to grab what I want. Someone else may be looking at it but, if they don't have physical possession, all bets are off!!

    I am not aware of any rules that limit how much you can buy. Maybe someone else may know.
  5. ^That's true,^ if it's different styles, then that's harder to enforce--maybe a limit of 10 bags. If its identical styles (and especially the same colours too) then there should be an enforcement of 3-5 bags. That's what they did at the Yorkdale sales I went to.

    Lady&theBag: Possession 9/10ths of the law. ;)
  6. Sounds to me like she will probably be reselling them.
  7. Sorry to hear you didn't get anything. Next time, just go and browse at the same time (of course I'm not saying to push or anything). And if she was buying to re-sell, she'll eventually get flagged and banned!
  8. Lancaster, and some where excally the same
  9. I don't want to be part of the right or wrong debate on this, but I totally understand how you must have felt. I would have been sad too. I wish you better luck next time you go to the outlet.
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    I was at the outlets in San Marcos, TX before Thanksgiving and there was a couple doing the same thing. They had 2-3 of the shopping bags full of bags (more than just Christmas presents kind of thing). I am positive they had more than 3 of the same style and color. Yet, SA's were still helping them pull things from the shelves and add to their pile. When I left, they had a huge pile of bags. I am 99.9% sure they were 'bay resellers. I make SURE to grab anything I even might remotely want. Grab now, decide later. The resellers were practically grabbing things out of others hands.
    What's the point of a rule if it is not enforced?:shrugs:
  11. i have bought several of the same bags at one time at the outlets before.. they just want to see their stuff...........
  12. I agree. You have to pick it up and walk around with it if you remotely think you want it. If it weren't for this sweet SA at Tanger in Washington, PA, I probably would not have got this carly. This woman was acting like she didn't want it until I showed interest so my friend and I hid in some corner in the store and she waited a few minutes to ask the lady if she had decided yet and got the bag for me. I really think she would have held onto it if she still thought we were there!
  13. I know certain outlets do have limits but I think it varies store to store. Even at stores with limits I'm not sure that they are enforced. Thats really a shame about your experience. Sometimes if you wait a little while or come back like a half hour to an hour later, they'll have put new things out. At our outlet mall, I usually go to Coach first, then do the rest of my browsing/shopping and come back at the end. There is almost always something new in clearance afterwards.

    You really gotta be assertive and borderline aggressive at Coach outlets. Between the ebay sellers, people who can't make up their minds so they buy first, return later, and just average shoppers, those bags go fast. People also tend to congregate right in front of where you're trying to look whether they are shopping or not. That drives me batty!
  14. Sorry you didn't get what you wanted. Try holding the bags you like for several minutes even if you're unsure.
  15. Yes, grab now and decide later.

    When I bought my Magenta Ergo last week, I spent 30 mins with the Rose colored one as well.

    In the end the Rose colored one, was a damaged bag- some of the dye didn't take in one of the pleats and it was more expensive than the magenta one on markdown.

    That was the kicker, plus I was worried about color transfer with the light colored bag.