how could she sell one bag so many times ?

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  1. Interesting...and she's only been selling Chanel bags since June 2007. That's a lot of bags to acquire in such a short span of time. I have personally never bought from her, but from the items that were available to view, they look authentic. She's likely a consignor. She does have a return policy, so maybe a few of them were relistings.
  2. All Her Bags Look The Same !
    Something Fishy ...
  3. Interesting! I am curious too.
  4. The bags do look the same but the serial numbers are different. Maybe she just recycles her photos?
  5. I always wonder the same thing about this seller. Her bags do seem ok to me. Just wonder where she gets all those flaps from.
  6. That is really odd. Maybe they are all in it together & it is some type of money laundering or something! Who knows!
  7. I noticed this too. I keep seeing the same bag over and over again. I thought I was imagining things.

  8. Yeah I want to find more about this seller too. Her bags look authentic to me. Anyone bought from her? Just curious too where she gets too many of the same kind.
  9. oh yes i was wondering about this too! but then she has the odd medium classic flap like now she has a beige and black one.... weird
  10. I've wondered too!
    Seems like alot of us have wondered about this seller.
    How do we get more info on who they are?
  11. They are older styles and they are used. Her bags look fine to me, but what do I know.:shrugs:
  12. Her bags look fine to me too. they are vintage