How could she do this!?

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  1. #61 May 30, 2012
    Last edited: May 30, 2012
    They say they are giving money to charity or at least a worthy family here:

    Who knows what the story is, the publicity is all they want and they have it. Personally I have never heard of her and don't really care.
  2. The fact that she is just known as Clint Eastwood's daughter shows she's extremely desperate to carve a name for herself...sad it's not really a talent based way
  3. This is the truth, and it pretty much says what they really are.

    Hopefully this dies down soon. but I hope they learn from this. they're such idiots.

    What makes it more laughable, was she was sporting a fake bag the whole time!
    It did look fake to me, however I am happy the truth has come out.

    But the best thing is! we had the purseforum to confirm the bag was a fake!

  4. the last line of the above purse blog article.
  5. ^ITA, no words can describe this...INSANE:smile:
  6. I stand by my point! Stop the attention grabbing already!

    Best quote from the purse blog article: couldn't agree more!
    "To me, that’s why nothing in these photos is particularly shocking. What is shocking, though, is that more people aren’t seeing this for exactly what it is: a marketing ploy with a decidedly reality-TV budget, intended to drum up interest for a show that no one was talking about until now."
  7. Only one? Why not few more and more? Would be best if just come out of store..
  8. Has anyone seen episode 4 yet? Is that an Hermes bag she's carrying to the restaurant?
  9. So guess what miss Francasca was carrying at the coffee house with her boyfriend in last night's orange birkin.
  10. If that's the case, she's even more of a hypocrite! and what happened on the show, was for attention only. and her mother is a hypocrite as well. that makes me sick! they're full of it.
  11. i am guessing another faux birkin.
  12. I think they are hypocrites because I saw her boyfriend wearing red bottom sneakers at the airport in that episode too.
  13. If I would have seen them, I would know what they're, but that sounds like CL sneakers to me. I would say more, but this forum has rules. I will say they're huge hypocrites. I won't watch the show.
  14. Francesca Eastwood posted a pic of her other birkin seen on her in later episodes of the season. Is this a real birkin?