How could she do this!?

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  1. But wouldn't the point be better illustrated if one actually used a real bag. Using a fake sort of convolutes the point in my mind. Maybe I'm being overly critical. I'm very understanding when it comes to artistic expression but this is akin to Damien Hirst creating "For the Love of God" (the platinum and diamond encrusted skull) with fake diamonds. Just does not compute for me.

  2. Yes the statement itself isn't very authentic in that case.

    Maybe what they are really wanting to say is that fakes should be trashed and burned :roflmfao:
  3. I agree 100% :biggrin:
  4. Is it possible the bag is real? The birkin episode will air next week.
  5. ^ Yeah, they might actually show us from where they bought it ..
  6. I really wonder why they're doing it. Fake or Real, for the sake of what? Attention? Protest? Clearly, the gossipping website didn't give enough information. And I just don't have time to watch their show.
  7. She's 19. I think the next question will be when they will break up. Imho, most relationships in Hollywood at 19 don't last forever. By then, she might be thinking "what have I done?".;)
  8. if you look at the photos it is very very clear this is not an authentic bag.....
    a pathetic attention grabbing move imo.
    these "reality" shows are all full of these maneuvers.
  9. In any case, I think that her's dead -eyed bf's idea, same as destroying a pair of her Louboutins for the same purpose. Whether the bag was real or not-it is insulting, like a spit in the face and yes, it creates a reaction.
    I watched first episode last night, the bf is some disgusting troll and Francesca was mostly crying and unhappy looking altogether.
  10. agree
  11. the show is currently on and frankly this eastwood bunch is pathetic.
    pity the old gentleman......or fool, as he permits this.
    and the bag is a horrific fake, yet they claim it to be real.
  12. It's funny how she thinks she wouldn't get hatred reactions towards something like this. I'm not a fan of exotic leather, as I'm a vegeterian and I support PETA. But I have nothing to say against people who carry exotic leather bags or fur clothes. It's their choice, but this is just plain CRAZY! I can easily find myself sending her one of these hate mails about it, it has upset me so much!
  13. How could she do this? One word: Desperation. She is "Clint Eastwood's daughter" and will always be known exclusively for her famous father. She is flailing for attention, since fame of some (any) sort, sadly, is the only value system many celebrity offspring comprehend. I pity her, actually, and I would add that all of us have already spent MUCH more time on this subject than it is worth. If her act offends us, there is one response certain to bite back: IGNORE HER.