How could she do this!?

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  1. I posted about this in the up to the minute sub forum, the link is there. if anyone wants to see it.

    There are no words for me with this one, makes me too angry. :mad:
  2. If its not real why? why? would they report about it? that makes no sense
    to me. that is so stupid of them then.
  3. Some people have nothing better to do.:nogood:
  4. Some pple just don't know how to use the bag properly. Maybe they think a Hermes bag is a fire proof bag that can save their money or credit cards. Or maybe they are just dumb spoilt brats that trying to create scene to make them popular. Whatever reasons these are the people without taste and of course brain!
  5. i was typing out a long response and then decided to forget it.

    some people really are a waste of space.
  6. Exactly what I did!
    I was going to rant, and then said that would just make me more upset about it.
  7. Fake or real - the sentiment is really disrespectful & shameful.
  8. fashion murder indeed :amazed:
  9. :ghi5:
  10. Ridiculous action IMO
  11. even if it's not real it's kind of dumb.
    for a girl with such a big head i'd expect it to contain some brains.
  12. :roflmfao: His ego is even bigger in real life
  13. Two things to note:

    1. It's a fake bag.

    2. The statement they are wanting to make, I guess, is this: People who can afford to buy a croc Hermes have "money to burn". That would be the literal interpretation!

    Ergo, it's just a point of view. One could ask the same of Damien Hirst's sliced up animals, and many other works of installation or performance art. What was the point of all that?
  14. Just a publicity stunt. It's a shame things people do these days to get some attention .