How could she do this!?

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  1. Clint Eastwood's daughter must have waaaaaay too much money to blow, 'cause the reality TV star just lit a $100,000 Birkin bag on fire ... all for the sake of a photo shoot.

    19-year-old Francesca Eastwood -- who stars in the E! show "Mrs. Eastwood and Company" -- and her celebrity photographer boyfriend Tyler Shieldsdecided to drop some major cash on the Hermes hand bag ... just so they could DESTROY IT!

    If you don't know, the luxury-item bags range from $9,000 to $150,000 a pop (this was the $100k version) which apparently made no dent in the duo's wallet, because they sliced it in half with a chain saw and then let it burn -- all while the camera captured the fashion murder on film.

    The photo is on TMZ. It was a croc :faint:
  2. i think this is disrespectful against the died for NOTHING
  3. that is not a genuine hermes bag.....
    but guess it's getting her attention so serves her purpose.
  4. it also looks quite a bit like pressed leather of some variety, so there were no crocodile deaths to mourn.....
  5. Meanwhile in Africa ...
  6. lol
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I am glad it's not real H or croc bag.
  9. Real or not, I think the pictures suck and are over edited.
  10. If it was real I'd think it was really disrespectful, especially just for some hideous pictures.
  11. :woohoo::woohoo::drinkup::woohoo::woohoo:ITA!
  12. Looks fake....
  13. Being that I would never watch such drivel.... What was the point exactly? Was there one?
  14. Amen!
  15. :faint::faint: I f I have that $$, I wouldnt spend all on one B or even in bags only , such a waste!