HOW ?? Could I possibly get my hands on....

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  1. The watercolor Speedy 30 if I live in the states ??
    Does anyone know the exact countries the size 30 will be available ??
    I just don't think the 35 will work for me.

    Help !! Please, time is running out.

    thanks in advance!!
  2. It's only available in 35 isn't it?
  3. the watercolor vvn speedy 30 will be available in japan and hawaii (not sure if other pacific or asian countries will too). the only way you can get one from hawaii is if you are in their system.
  4. Have you thought about contacting a reseller ? Let-trade will likely be able to get his hands on one, although you will have to pay a bit of a premium.

  5. That is a good alternative.