How could I be so dumb?!

  1. I had the worst experience of my life today!
    Well to start, I often look on craigs list for good deals on LV and I've found a couple of them and never got screwed over.

    So anywho
    I found a Mini Lin speedy the other day for an amazing $350! :nuts:
    I jumped at the chance because the mini lin speedy is my favorite speedy and I've wanted one forever! So I talked to the lady a couple of times, she seemed VERY nice, then today I met her to pick it up. She was driving a nice car she didnt seem riff-raffish at all. She said she was in a hurry because she teaches classes at the university. So she handed me the box and I was on my way with no worrys. [dumb]

    As soon as I opened the box I knew it was fake! It was just gross, I couldnt believe I was even holding the thing! But of course, she was was already gone.
    I just felt horrible because it was my boyfriends money, I've cried all day :crybaby:

    When the bag was listed it was listed as Authentic
    What I really need to know is can I press charges if she doesn't refund my money?
    I emailed her about it but she hasn't replyed yet
  2. WOW, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience!!
    How did you pay the lady? (via Paypal, check...)
    I think you do get protection when you use Paypal
    or credit (you can stop the payment)...
    Also do you happen to know her address?

    I hope you get your money back fast!
  3. No, I did cash because we were meeting in person :crybaby:
    I just don't know what to do
    And that was supposed to be my xmas present
    I just really hope i can get the money back even if i have to take her to court. i really think my dad could scare it out of her lol but really im sad :[
  4. oh no! how terrible. i hope that you paid with paypal or a check. you can stop payment immediately on those. if not, continue to call and email her. you can always go to small claims court if that doesn't work.
  5. Ohhh.... I'm so sorry this happened to you. Did you get full pictures of the bag ahead of time, with date stamps, etc., and did you have those pictures authenticated? If so, you have some sort of case. Take pictures of the fake bag and make sure you save the ones she sent you.

    If you had absolutely NO pictures of the bag ahead of time, or you did not have them authenticated, and you have no record of the sale, you may be out of luck.

    I only buy from MPRS when buying used.... so I haven't been in this situation. NEVER pay cash for something without at least seeing it in person first! Unfortunately, on Craigslist, you have absolutely no protection like you do with PayPal/ eBay.

    Good luck!!
  6. Well, I have the email she sent me telling me it was still available, the pics she used on the ad where from eBay, but i just figured she sold it on eBay and didnt get as much as she wanted or something? i was very stupid. i just saw the price and was like i'll take it.

    but i took screen prints of the ad and stuff
    but the one in the picture was real, the one she gave me was so not :[
  7. wow so sorry but you really should have checked the bag!! do u have pictures of the bag??
  8. ok here
    you can tell at one glace that its a horrible fake
    i would just love to take a butcher knife to it but i need my money back

  9. yea it looks fake... but how could u not check before the lady left ?!?!?!
  10. She basicly just gave it to me and jumped in her car and left, she said she was in a "hurry" and i had talked to her a couple times and i guess she gained my trust, so i presumed she really was in a hurry. im so horribly dumb. she even gave me an recept from an LV store with that and $3000 worth of lv listed on it. people are so low.
  11. wow that is so terrible. I bet she knew it wasn't authentic so she toke the chance. NO wonder she was in such a hurry. Maybe you can try small claims at court. Do you have any information about her? email doesn't really work since you can make them up. :cursing: Gotta be careful. It's the holiday season. People will try to get money in any way they can and they do not care about other's feeling. I'm so sorry hon! :crybaby: Keep us update.
  12. i have her phone number

    but other than that
    no i have nothing :[ i feel i am doomed
    to alot of people that may not seem like alot of money, but it wasnt mine so yea D:
  13. $350 is a lot...and especially for a fake. of course it is.
  14. I am really sorry that that happened to you... What I am going to say may not actually rectify anything, but it is most likely to happen.

    I don't believe that there is anything you can do. You accepted the purchase "as is." What I mean by "as is," is you let her drive off without inspecting the product first. You should NEVER give anyone money without seeing what you are paying for. The same goes for accepting a package... you would never accept a package from UPS, FedEx, etc. without seeing it first, right? You can try calling her, but I don't think she will answer. I think you should tell your boyfriend what happened and then go from there. I DO hope everything works out for you... so sorry. Things like that shouldn't happen. :sad:
  15. that's so horrible! I'm sorry that happened to you...I hope there's something you can do to make it better!