How cool it is to meet a Bbag PFer in person, and not know it beforehand!

  1. ok! today, while at work (retail sales) I see a gorgeous verte glazon (i think this is what that luscious deep green is called..)Twiggy perched on the counter by the cash register, with a sweet looking young woman who was obviously its mommy! I commented on her beautiful Twiggy and the color.....and told her I had just gotten the same color in a City. I then say "I am a member of an online group called The Purse Forum......" her eyes lit up and she says to me "Oh! what's your handle?" i tell her, turns out we recognized one another's names from tPF, and cool is this??? it made my day. how many of you have "met" PFers in real life by just mentioning tPF while you are chatting, like in a store, dry cleaners, dental office, beauty salon, etc., they're a stranger at first but then you discover you're both tPF members? Such a fun feeling!!

    PS it was BridgetS! she's a sweetie :yahoo:
  2. That would be so fun!!!

    I have yet to meet any other tPF'ers although I've been tempted to ask if I see someone carrying a great bag. When I'm shopping at a certain mall in my city that has an LV store...I'm specifically on the lookout!
  3. I haven't met any in person but whenever someone expresses interest in my bag, I tell them about tPF. I feel a little guilty about it, like I am turning a little kid on to crack or something. :graucho:
  4. Purse-onality, I was shopping in Boca Raton with my Vert Gazon Twiggy...but it wasn't me you ran into. How funny is that though?!
  5. oh man, i would LOVE to run into another tPFer!!! in the rare times i see another REAL b-bag, i've been so tempted to say something but chickened out for fear of sounding like a crazy person! so glad to hear about two tPFers colliding in the "real world" -that is awesome!! :wlae:
  6. I've never run into a tPFer! I can't wait to one day, though.. maybe I need some brighter bags :graucho:
  7. It's happened to me once...I commented on her Magenta purse and I was carrying my French Blue Work and we started talking about Balenciaga NY's upcoming trunk show (this was back in May)...then I finally got the courage to say, "So umm...are you a member of tPF by any chance?" It was such a relief when she said yes...most people I know think I'm crazy for even being a member of a bag obsessed forum. :sweatdrop:

    Well there's this second time, when I posted on Balenciaga Sighting sticky at one point and turns out that the person is also a member ( I haven't really run into her since).
  8. Only in my dreams do I run into other members... However.... a few weeks ago I had just received my black sgh part-time, and went to an "open house" well it turned out to be a huge party full of knock off merchandise. What is the first thing I see when I walk in? A fake copy of my black SGH part-time!!!!!! I know, so disgusting. I think my fingers were going to start bleeding from touching all of that nasty stuff, and NO I did not buy anything!
  9. That is soooooo cool! I live in nowheresville, I NEVER see Bbags...unless I go to chicago for the day!
  10. I haven't run into anyone that I know of yet.. but I'm often around Boca Raton so maybe one day I'll run into one of you ladies!
  11. How neat is that, Purse?!!!! That would be so fun to meet one of you out!
  12. I've been spotted at Neiman Marcus by a member and she posted it in the Bal Sighting thread. Carrying a Marc Jacobs bag at my salon garnered a "ooh-ahh" and tons of information swapping, so I tentatively asked if she belonged to tPF and she does!!
  13. I sold something on eBay a few months ago and the buyer asked for local pickup...when she arrived we started chatting and it turned out to be Maggien from this forum!
  14. Too FUN... I haven't yet met a fellow tpf'er (other than my sister that got me started with this addiction to begin with....should I purse slap her :bagslap:? gotta :heart:oogie). It'd be cool if I did. In my neck of the woods... the odds are pretty slim I imagine.
  15. I would be surprised if there were any other tPF'ers where I live...I feel like saying the famous line from Little Brittain, "I'm the only gay in the villiage"...Well I do feel like I am the only Bbag rocker in the villiage anyway! If I ever saw another PF'er I think I would make a total fool of myself, then faint from shock.