How cool are these - Metallic Bracelets

  1. The picture is blurry, but you get the idea. They are purple metallic and light blue metallic. Also available in gold and rose gold (which I hear are basically identical).
    Metallic Bracelets.jpg
  2. Wow! I want one! I know this is weird but those would be awesome as dog collars :love:
  3. I can totally see my mini pin and chihuahua running around the house with them on! LOL!
  4. I wonder if they would be too heavy as dog collars?
  5. Hey, fashion always has its price...j/k not a fan of animal cruelty!
  6. Again, sorry for the bad pick but this is supposed to be Gold & Rose Gold metallic bracelets.
    Gold & Rose Gold Bracelets.jpg
  7. Going rock for the Chanel Lady. I like it!
  8. I love them but can only imagine how $$$$ they will be....

    Oh Chanel... *sigh*
  9. They look like sexy handcuffs :graucho:
  10. mUST HAVE!!!!! Price?
  11. $680 - which isn't bad considering their size, the fact that they are leather and have chain detail, and also considering I just paid $530 for a pair of Chanel sunglasses.:shame:
  12. Yup.........I agree Mon......:yes:

    I'm loving them........
  13. Leather and chains -- ah, a return to the dominatrix look of the punk era -- for those who missed it on the first go round.

    Who says fashion (like history) doesn't repeat itself?
  14. ooooooooo sooo cute I want one now, lol
  15. thanks for the heads-up mon! all your threads are just tempting me - the intel on the pre-fall bags and now these bracelets! :drool: